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March 2 - March 14, 2022
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
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The new report by the IPCC proves that climate justice must be at the centre of global policymaking. But our shift is in the opposite direction as we look to invest in fossil fuels even more in the name of energy security.

India used more coal power in 2021 than 2020, which could delay its climate goals, according to the International Energy Agency. It also used only 2% of COVID-19 stimulus funds on green projects, while spending more on coal subsidies.

On International Women’s Day, Down to Earth looked at how women lead climate adaptation in eastern India’s Adivasi areas.

Elsewhere, the 75% of the Amazon rainforest is near its tipping point and may transform into a dry savanna. We also learn about why polar bears are migrating from Alaska to Russia.

Our annual publication State of India’s Environment 2022 can be purchased here.

Climate justice, now: Latest IPCC report just told us why we need that, 14 March 2022
Down To Earth
Down To Earth More than 75% of Amazon rainforest near tipping point, may transform into dry savanna: Study, 09 March 2022
Will climate action be a casualty?, 12 March 2022
Have we learnt the lessons on the impact of burning fossil fuels yet?
International Women’s Day: How women lead climate adaptation in eastern India’s Adivasi areas, 08 March 2022
Wattle and daub houses maintained largely by women in tribal parts of Odisha and Bengal provide cool shelter to families when temperatures soar
Embrace disruption and keep walking the green way, 02 March 2022
Too much time has been wasted in looking for answers that are convenient, not real
Down To Earth
India used more coal power in 2021 than 2020, which could delay its climate goals: IEA, 11 March 2022
China and India might be some of the countries where the green transition may also be slowed down because Russia would shift their energy exports to them, experts say
Down To Earth
India used 2% of COVID-19 stimulus funds on green projects, spent more on coal subsidies: Study, 04 March 2022
Stimulus funds gave countries an opportunity to push toward greener economies. Yet, many governments have failed to make the switch, the authors said in their report
Down To Earth
Global food systems emissions alone can cause global warming to exceed 1.5°C: CSE report, 03 March 2022
Food systems emit more than transportation and energy use in buildings
Down To Earth
Climate, land use change threaten sustainable reindeer herding in the Arctic: IPCC Report. 02 March 2022
Challenges posed by climate and land use change has even affected the mental health of Saami herdsmen
Down To Earth
India likely to miss at 17 key government targets in 2022: DTE State of Environment, 02 March 2022
In meeting Sustainable Development Goals, India has slipped three places since last year and now stands at 120th rank among 192 countries
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This Weekly Newsletter is published by Down to Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment, a Delhi-based global think tank advocating on global south developmment issues.
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