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April 7-April 13, 2022
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
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Climate disasters are becoming more frequent in Asia and Africa. Africa in particular needs support for climate forecasting infrastructure.

In India, forest fires are getting bigger and hotter, like the rest of the world.

Indian cities are also vulnerable to heat stress, particularly evident right now while the country is facing a prolonged heat wave.

In a survey of energy and climate performance, small Indian states performed better on environmental sustainability.

India must triple energy generation by 2070 to achieve development, according to a new study.
Climate change: Southeastern Africa stares at future with extreme rainfall, floods
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Down To Earth Monsoon 2022 will be ‘normal’ but highly erratic month-to-month: Skymet, 12 April 2022
Climate disasters are becoming more frequent in west, central Asia than other regions: IMF, 12 April 2022
West and central Asia are hotspots for climate change due to their geographical setting, says new paper
Biogas: A sustainable solution for curbing pollution, improving livelihoods & enhancing quality of life, 07 April 2022
Installing large-scale municipal biogas systems can help cities handle organic waste efficiently
IPCC report: Clap for Kolkata’s public transport
The city's inadequate drainage system results in frequent flooding, it says
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‘Africa needs support for climate forecasting infrastructure’, 13 April 2022
The current observation network is only one-eighth the required minimum density over the continent
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Renewable energy capacity addition exceeded other sources in 2021, 12 April 2022
Renewable energy continued to expand steadily and well above the long-term trend, with share in total capacity expansion reaching new record of 81% last year
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India needs to triple energy generation by 2070 to achieve development, net-zero: Study, 12 April 2022
Previous estimates of India’s minimum energy intake did not consider that India would have to simultaneously attain net-zero by 2070 and a high level of development, say experts
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Half of Indian states lags national average in first energy, climate index, 11 April 2022
Small states perform better on environmental sustainability
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Global wind energy sector needs four-fold higher growth to meet 2050 Net Zero goal: Report, 11 April 2022
Offshore wind market showed highest growth in 2021
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India’s forest fires are getting bigger and hotter, like the rest of the world, 11 April 2022
There were around 340 incidences of fires on the last day of March 2022
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Climate change will intensify pressure on Ghana’s Weija dam which provides water to Accra, 08 April 2022
Catchment-level water management in the Accra plains can address the flood risk to the capital city of four million inhabitants, says new report
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Summer 2022: Indian cities, districts must be ready to protect vulnerable from heat stress, urges report, 08 April 2022
It is important to invest in strengthening resilience to heat, say experts at report launch
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Thazhampettai: Climate change, erratic ocean currents make fishing in this Tamil Nadu village unpredictable, 07 April 2022
More frequent and deadlier cyclones as well as the construction of private harbours in Tharangambadi has only added to the woes of the fisherfolk
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This Weekly Newsletter is published by Down to Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment, a Delhi-based global think tank advocating on global south developmment issues.
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