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August 4 – August 9, 2022
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
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DTE pieced together the latest IPCC data to chart how temperature and rainfall patterns in India’s states will change in a 1.5°C warmer world.

India needs to tackle climate change urgently, and sector-specific targets are needed for reducing emissions.

Indian states are facing a rainfall deficit - scanty June rain meant a delayed Kharif crop, and the impact may extend up to the following Rabi season.

Elsewhere the UN chief slams ‘immoral’ profiteering from fossil fuels amid global energy crisis.

58% of human infectious diseases can be worsened by climate change - from common waterborne viruses to deadly diseases like plague.

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Australia shivers as winter ends; spring to be wet due to negative Indian Ocean Dipole, La Nina, 10 August 2022
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Down To Earth Extreme weather unabated: Third-hottest July took Antarctic sea ice to its minimum since 1979, 10 August 2022
Clear signs: 1.5°C warmer world to be catastrophic for India, 04 August 2022
DTE pieces together latest IPCC data to chart how temperature, rainfall patterns in India’s states will change in a 1.5°C warmer world
Business can no longer ignore extreme heat events — it’s becoming a danger to the bottom line, 08 August 2022
Heat intensity of these events is also increasing with the frequency
A volcano is erupting again in Iceland. Is climate change causing more eruptions?, 08 August 2022
Magma generation beneath Iceland is already increasing due to a warming climate and melting glaciers
How floods in Assam link to child trafficking, 08 August 2022
Flood is one such phenomenon that exacerbates poverty and potentially causes situations of conflict and instability
India’s NDC: Why sector-specific targets are needed for reducing emissions, 05 August 2022
Focus needed on increasing non-fossil-based power generations, phasing out old thermal power plants
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58% of human infectious diseases can be worsened by climate change — we scoured 77,000 studies to map the pathways, 10 August 2022
From common waterborne viruses to deadly diseases like plague, 218 of 375 human diseases may be affected
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Hot nights due to climate change will increase death rate by six times: Study, 10 August 2022
Disrupted sleeping pattern can damage the immune system
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July 2022 marks the 3rd hottest on record for the US, 09 August 2022
Precipitation was below average across much of the country’s west, central plains and southern parts
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Third heatwave of this summer hits Europe, may be prolonged but less intense than July, 09 August 2022
Central Europe also affected; widespread crop damage and water shortage reported
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Hyper-local weather advisories help Bengal farmers cut costs, 09 August 2022
Frequency and severity of droughts have intensified in the region due to rising temperature, heat waves and irregular rainfall patterns in the last two decades
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NOAA predicts above-average Atlantic hurricane season, 05 August 2022
There will be 14-20 named storms in the remainder of the season, out of which 6-10 would likely become hurricanes and 3-5 could turn into major hurricanes
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Dry beginning: Scanty June rain means delayed Kharif; and it’s becoming common, 05 August 2022
This year, June ended with a 8% rainfall deficit, with large deficits in 18 states; the impact may extend up to the following Rabi season
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UNECA calls for transparent, comparable carbon pricing systems, 05 August 2022
Global carbon price of $50 per tonne can incentivise Africa to mobilise up to $30 billion per annum
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‘Ocean thermal energy conversion plant coming up in Lakshadweep’, 04 August 2022
The plant will power the one lakh litre per day low temperature thermal desalination plant, which converts seawater into potable water
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2 largest US reservoirs at ‘dangerously low levels’: UNEP, 04 August 2022
These lakes are currently at their lowest levels ever and are at risk of reaching ‘dead pool status’
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Tonga volcano spews enough water to fill 58,000 pools into stratosphere, likely to add to global warming, 04 August 2022
Excess stratospheric H2O will persist for years, could affect stratospheric chemistry and dynamics and may lead to surface warming
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UN chief slams ‘immoral’ profiteering from fossil fuels amid global energy crisis, 04 August 2022
Calls for windfall tax to fund fair policies and sustainable energy solutions
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