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November 13, 2022
A daily digest by CSE / Down to Earth on developments at the UNFCCC COP 27 summit in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt from a Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter on the web here.
Dear readers,

The hosting of COP27 in the green city of Sharm El-Sheikh this year marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In the thirty years since, the world has come a long way in the fight against climate change and its negative impacts on our planet; we are now able to better understand the science behind climate change, better assess its impacts, and better develop tools to address its causes and consequences.

Thirty years and twenty-six COPs later, we now have a much clearer understanding of the extent of the potential climate crisis and what needs to be done to address it effectively. The science is there and clearly shows the urgency with which we must act regarding rapidly reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, taking necessary steps to assist those in need of support to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change ... Continue Reading
  Day 08th November 2022  
Down To Earth COP27 diary (November 7): ‘World on a highway to climate hell, with our foot on the accelerator’, 08 November 2022
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COP27: Agriculture finally on table; beware of greenwashing though, warn experts, 07 November 2022
The first official Food and Agriculture Pavilion at a UNFCCC COP has been unveiled at Sharm El-Sheikh
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COP27 must be remembered as ‘Implementation COP’, says SamehShoukry, 06 November 2022
The developing world’s first COP since Marrakesh in 2016 must implement the ‘Paris Rulebook’
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WMO sounds alarm as COP27 gets underway, with 1.5°C target barely within reach, 06 November 2022
Sea level rise doubled in three decades; South Asia, including India, one of the hardest-hit
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Loss and damage funding officially included in COP27 agenda, 06 November 2022
Loss and damage financing has been a long-standing demand of developing and vulnerable countries including India
  Day 09th November 2022  
Down To Earth COP27 diary (November 8): Presidency unveils plan to build climate resilience for 4 billion by 2030, 09 November 2022
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COP27: Developing & developed blocks lock horns on long-term climate finance roadmap, 09 November 2022
Wealthy nations want to expand the donor base with New Collective Quantified Goal
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COP27: ‘Translation between change in weather and damages is not linear’, 09 November 2022
Down To Earth talks to Friederike Otto, climate scientist at Imperial College London about the science of weather attribution
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COP27: We don’t need new pacts, implement current ones, says climate scientist SaleemulHuq, 09 November 2022
Part 2: The climate scientist talks about need for region and ecosystem-wise targets for adaptation
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COP27: Non-state actors can’t destroy the environment, yet claim to be net zero, says report, 08 November 2022
Businesses, financial institutions, cities and regions must ensure that their operations don’t contribute to deforestation, peatland loss and ecosystem destruction
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Egypt’s support to developing countries gives hope for COP27: Climate scientist SaleemulHuq, 08 November 2022
Part 1: The climate scientist talks about critical climate issues that can play a major role at the Sharm El-Sheikh summit
  Day 10th November 2022  
Down To Earth COP27 diary (November 9): $2 trillion needed to finance climate action in developing economies, 10 November 2022
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COP27: Expert Group zeroes in on weak net zero targets; asks industries to speed up, 10 November 2022
Indian companies under scanner, prefer to play an wait-and-watch game
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COP27: The forgotten sustainable development goals, 10 November 2022
Some SDGs attract substantially less attention and resources from companies
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COP27: Developing countries need $2 trillion annually to tackle climate change, says report, 09 November 2022
Mobilising private finance can be crucial in unlocking the funds needed
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COP27: Switzerland wants ‘major emitters’ and big developing economies to do more on mitigation, 09 November 2022
Talks on the Mitigation Work Programme November 8 brought back memories of post-Paris mitigation politics, where rich countries asked all to cut their emissions, while not doing their fair share of cuts
  Day 11th November 2022  
Down To Earth COP27 diary (November 10): Rich countries admit funding gap in addressing loss & damage, 11 November 2022
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COP27: Carbon emissions, energy consumption due to constructions back to pre-COVID levels, 11 November 2022
Report reveals 10 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere in 2021; Most significant energy demand in last 10 years
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COP27: Dash for natural gas on a scale that threatens 1.5°C goal, says report, 10 November 2022
Cumulative emissions from LNG are estimated to be over 40 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2) higher between 2020 and 2050
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COP27: India’s updated NDCs insufficient for cutting emissions, shows report, 10 November 2022
Indian government plans to add more coal capacity and increase fossil gas in the energy mix, study says
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COP27: Russian invasion of Ukraine released 8 million tonnes carbon till September, says report, 10 November 2022
At least 1.4 million tonnes of GHG emissions have been released due to the movement of refugees, both within Ukraine and to Europe due to the Russian invasion
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Africa optimistic as COP27 offers bright outlook and opportunities, 10 November 2022
Civil society members calling for balance between funds that go to mitigation & adaptation
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Receding cryosphere: What latest WMO report warns us about, 10 November 2022
Most parts of east Africa, including Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, experienced 4 consecutive below-average rainfall seasons with severe humanitarian impact
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COP27: African countries launch ‘game-changing’ carbon credits initiative, 10 November 2022
Target to provide 300 million carbon credits every year by 2030
  Day 12th November 2022  
Down To Earth COP27 diary (November 11): Rich countries seek to delay and prolong discussions on loss and damage, 12 November 2022
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Egypt: The halting place of feeble and mighty, 11 November 2022
Countries meeting in Egypt need to ensure climate finance given as grants, not loans
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A satellite data system will help detect, act on methane emissions, 11 November 2022
Methane Alert and Response System to help track major emission sources globally
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COP27: Report sees slight rise in 2022 global emissions; highest in India, 11 November 2022
World may cross 1.5°C rise in 9 years if current emissions continue
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This daily round up of COP27 Newsletter is published by Down to Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment, a Delhi-based global think tank advocating on global south development issues.
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