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November 17, 2022
A daily digest by CSE / Down to Earth on developments at the UNFCCC COP 27 summit in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt from a Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter on the web here.
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$100 billion in climate finance more of gesture from rich countries.

The draft text for a cover decision is yet to be produced by the COP27 Presidency as of 7.30 am November 17, leading many to wonder how long discussions will continue to arrive at a consensus on the document once released. Just two days of the summit remain.

Negotiations have concluded on the report of the Paris Agreement Implementation and Compliance Committee, Kyoto Protocol Compliance Committee, Santiago Network on loss and damage and Adaptation Fund, announced a letter from the COP27 President November 16.

Negotiations on the mitigation work programme, Global Goal on Adaptation, loss and damage finance, climate finance, Article 6 and agriculture are now pending.

The Group of 77 bloc produced a proposal on loss and damage, containing specific demands for the final text of the agenda item ... Continue Reading
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COP27 diary (November 16): ‘$100 billion in climate finance more of gesture from rich countries’, 17 November 2022
A round-up of what went on at the Sharm El-Sheikh summit
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Dumping emissions: Countries building new fossil fuel projects in Africa but mostly for export, 17 November 2022
Planned projects will drive up Africa’s fossil fuel capacity by 116%
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Double standards on fossil fuel, backtracking on pledges: BASIC fires shots at wealthy countries at COP27, 17 November 2022
India, China and Pakistan to work together in climate forum over common interests of developing countries
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Five big disagreements on loss and damage as COP27 clock ticks on, 16 November 2022
Finance, semantics and syntax have slowed negotiations at Sharm El-Sheikh
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How climate-induced disasters are creating a new dynamic of migration, 16 November 2022
Over time, countries would not be in a position to absorb so much migration in their limited urban centres and people will move to other countries, whether they are welcome or not
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COP27: Kolkata presents climate action roadmap, announces city-level summit, 16 November 2022
Kolkata was the only Indian city at the meeting on urban climate resilience organised by the Climate Action Network South Asia
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From Africa to Europe @ COP27: Keep off our gas fields, 16 November 2022
History shows fossil fuel extraction in Africa hardly benefits locals
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COP27: Global North governments want private sector to pay for loss and damage, 16 November 2022
Private sector companies’ understanding of climate adaptation and mitigation is limited, according to experts
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Emissions trading: ‘Permanence of carbon credits, human rights protection needs focus at COP27’, 16 November 2022
Jonathan Crook, policy officer at Carbon Market Watch, on carbon market negotiations in the first week of COP27
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Report   COP27
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This daily round up of COP27 Newsletter is published by Down to Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment, a Delhi-based global think tank advocating on global south development issues.
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