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November 21 - November 28, 2022
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
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At COP 27, 18 countries joined a declaration on cryosphere loss which says that melting glaciers, ice sheets, and permafrost will impact polar, mountain countries and low-lying countries alike.

Discussions on the Global Goal on Adaptation were held at COP 27 – the framework will be considered and adopted at the COP28 in 2023.

Our new infographic shows extreme weather events in India from January to September 2022.

India ranked among the top 5 – i.e., among the high performing countries in the Climate Change Performance Index.

This week we also learn about a government school in Himachal Pradesh which runs completely on solar energy.

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El Nino year or neutral phase likely in 2023; transition may lead to monsoon deficit: Experts, 26 November 2022
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Down To Earth Climate emergency: Extreme weather events in Australia to get more frequent, intense, 24 November 2022
COP27: 18 countries join group on cryosphere loss, see it as major contributor to sea-level rise, 23 November 2022
Melting glaciers, ice sheets, permafrost will impact polar, mountain countries & low-lying countries alike, delcaration says
Africa’s climate crisis: Global warming made Niger, Nigeria floods 80 times more likely, says study, 21 November 2022
Analysis is yet another scientific evidence on ‘climate impacts and need for finance to compensate for the loss’: Analysts
‘We need to match frequency and intensity of climate disasters with bold, collective action’, 25 November 2022
Mitigation, rehabilitation efforts inadequate; Loss of access to resources not compensated
The renewable energy transition is failing, 23 November 2022
Renewable energy isn’t replacing fossil fuel energy — it’s adding to it
Climate dystopia: As debate continues over COP27 outcomes, a world upside down is not far off, 23 November 2022
Down To Earth analysed various climate change-related datasets and before negotiations begin for next year, mapped various future scenarios going forward
Down To Earth
The warming Arctic Ocean is bringing more snowfall to Siberia, shows study, 25 November 2022
Parts of northern Eurasia have been witnessing increased snow cover over the past decades
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Stripping carbon from the atmosphere might be needed to avoid dangerous warming — but it remains a deeply uncertain prospect, 25 November 2022
Proponents argue carbon removal is required at a massive scale to avoid dangerous warming
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Climate resilience: Kenyan farmers are adapting to extreme weather by growing indigenous crops, 22 November 2022
Exotic and commercial vegetables still form the bulk of Kenyan diets; campaigners for indigenous foods hope to reverse the trend
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Cropping frequency decline due to climate change may impact food security: Study, 22 November 2022
Irrigation effectively offsets the projected production loss, but irrigated areas have to be expanded by over 5%
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Who will pay or claim loss and damage money? COP27 agreed on a fund; but questions remain, 21 November 2022
The COP27 decision does not mention equity and common but differentiated responsibilities, making things tricky
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COP27: Here’s how the Global Goal on Adaptation framework was negotiated at Sharm El-Sheikh, 21 November 2022
Framework will be considered and adopted at the COP28 in 2023; will review progress of achieving GGA
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Climate change is biggest global threat for young people in Africa, Europe: Survey, 21 November 2022
Africa remains the most vulnerable continent despite its low contribution to greenhouse gas emissions; hence, climate interventions must focus on it, young Europeans and Africans said
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This Weekly Newsletter is published by Down to Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment, a Delhi-based global think tank advocating on global south developmment issues.
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