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February 2 - February 7, 2023
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
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The Union Budget’s stance on coal power plants shows that the Centre lacks clarity on India’s climate change obligations.

And the renewable energy Ministry’s budget is equivalent to just 26% of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas’s allocation.

Here is an overview of the renewable energy and biogas allocations.

For a ministry-wise budgetary breakdown, refer to our Data Centre’s infographic.

At India Energy Week, it was announced that ethanol blending will be allowed up to 20% in petrol, to achieve energy independence.

Elsewhere, a new study finds that Amazon deforestation heats up Tibet.
More than 100 days of dry spell have caused 200 forest fires in Odisha since January 1: Data, 07 February 2023
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Down To Earth Warming beyond borders: Amazon deforestation heats up Tibet, says new study, 03 February 2023
People who grow their own food, eat and remain healthy; But erratic weather may change this adage, 07 February 2023
Without normal weather, self-sufficient households may have to depend more on markets, thus spending more on food than before
Budget 2023-24: Centre lacks clarity on India’s climate change obligations, 07 February 2023
Government should not allow the ageing units to operate endlessly and instead consider the environmental damage and GHG emissions from such units
Slippery slopes: Why the Auckland storm caused so many landslides and what can be done about it, 02 February 2023
While climate change and the warming of oceans that pump-prime extreme weather events are certainly pressing issues, changing land use is also of growing importance
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Atmospheric rivers are hitting the Arctic more often and increasingly melting its sea ice, 07 February 2023
Sea ice loss also contributes to global warming and to extreme storms that cause economic damage well beyond the Arctic
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PM at India Energy Week launch: Ethanol blending allowed up to 20% in petrol, 06 February 2023
Domestically produced ethanol has been identified as an opportunity to reduce oil imports, in an effort to achieve energy independence
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Addis Ababa’s CO2 emission is 4-8 times higher than WHO standards. Here’s how the city plans to tackle the problem, 06 February 2023
Addis Ababa’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is projected to reach 32 million tonnes by 2030
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Germany commits over $200 million for shattered Brazilian Amazon; but is it enough?, 03 February 2023
The flow of capital alone won’t combat the issue of deforestation until its amalgamation with government policies and laws regarding the handling of Amazon is introduced
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Budget kick: Keep these factors in mind while setting up a Bio-CNG plant, 03 February 2023
Political and institutional support must be gained through a sustained and deliberate communication process in which Bio-CNG’s economic and environmental benefits are conveyed
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A rapidly growing rocket industry could undo decades of work to save the ozone layer — unless we act now, 03 February 2023
The ozone layer is on track to heal within four decades, which can be undone by an upsurge in rocket launches
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Budget 2023-24: Climate goals? Renewable energy ministry gets just over 2% of total allocation, 02 February 2023
MNRE budget is equivalent to just 26% of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas’s allocation
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Budget 2023-24: Rs 10,000 crore for 500 compressed biogas plants, 02 February 2023
5% CBG mandate to be introduced for all organisations marketing natural and biogas
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