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February 15 - February 21, 2023
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
Dear readers,

This Friday, our online webinar on climate and trade will discuss how new policies passed by the European Union and US will affect countries like India. Hear from global experts on the issue.

And another online panel we are hosting, discusses a case study of repowering wind energy in Tamil Nadu, based on CSE’s research.

Experts have said that India should brace for a dry and hot spring-summer , with the possibility of an El Nino event.

Farmers in Rajasthan say that warming temperatures are increasing pest attacks and reducing yield.

A new report finds that India, China and the US are set to suffer maximum climate impacts on economy by 2050.

On the energy front, the Russia—Ukraine war has nearly doubled household energy costs worldwide according to a new study, making households more vulnerable to energy poverty, particularly during the cold season.

At a summit in Addis Ababa, the UN Secretary-General called on developed countries to provide a ‘tidal wave of support’ to Africa for enabling a just energy transition on the continent.
Horn of Africa likely to witness failed rainy season for sixth consecutive time: International agencies, 17 February 2023
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Down To Earth India should brace for dry and hot spring-summer, El Nino, say experts, 16 February 2023
Cyclones in southern Africa: five essential reads, 22 February 2023
Over the past 30 years, as the world’s oceans have become warmer, the locations of where tropical cyclones form and intensify have been shifting
India’s LiFE is a climate action lesson for the world, 17 February 2023
Holding the presidency of G20 currently, India is in a position to exhort G20 and the rest of the world to follow LiFE
Russia—Ukraine war has nearly doubled household energy costs worldwide — new study, 17 February 2023
Rising energy prices are making households more vulnerable to energy poverty, particularly during the cold season
Down To Earth
Warming temperatures increasing pest attacks, reducing yield, claim Rajasthan farmers, 21 February 2023
New and wider infestations by pests causing mass destruction of harvest
Down To Earth
Wheat crisis: High heat in February cause of worry for critical Rabi crop, 21 February 2023
Temperatures have started increasing even earlier than in 2022; may affect wheat approaching reproductive growth period and lower yield
Down To Earth
India, alongside China and US, set to suffer maximum climate impacts on economy by 2050: Report, 20 February 2023
Bihar to be most affected in India; increase of climate impact in Assam to be highest globally during 1990-2050
Down To Earth
Africa needs climate action, says Guterres at Addis Ababa AU summit, 19 February 2023
UN Secretary-General calls on developed countries to provide a ‘tidal wave of support’ to Africa for helping a just energy transition on the Continent
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Two years from now, India will see biggest percentage growth in energy consumption: IEA, 17 February 2023
Asia will consume half of the world’s power for the first time by 2025
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Widespread natural gas adoption in Africa can create millions of jobs: Study, 16 February 2023
Despite holding over 8% of the world’s proven reserves of natural gas, Africa remains the most energy-poor continent
Down To Earth
Maldives can adapt to sea-level rise. Here’s how, 16 February 2023
New study supports raising island height, building new habitations to save Maldives, low-lying areas
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Wheat crisis: All eyes on weather as mercury shoots up in February, 16 February 2023
Farmers worry about a repeat of last year even as Centre claims record production for this year
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Climate change aided malaria expansion into highland east Africa and towards the Cape in 100 years: Study, 15 February 2023
Direct links between climate, biodiversity change and disease emergence will help identify, address healthcare needs in newly vulnerable populations in future
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Corporate climate efforts fall short, 24 major companies will be able to reduce only 36% emissions: Report, 15 February 2023
Only five of 24 companies hit the 90% emission reduction projection by their respective target years
Down To Earth
Limiting warming below 1.8°C critical to prevent irreversible loss of ice sheets, rapid sea level rise: Study, 15 February 2023
Reaching net zero carbon emissions before 2060 is critical to avoid this catastrophe
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This Weekly Newsletter is published by Down to Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment, a Delhi-based global think tank advocating on global south developmment issues.
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