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April 7 - April 12, 2023
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
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Welcome to the Climate Weekly newsletter by the Centre for Science and Environment’s Climate Change programme and Down to Earth.

Voluntary carbon markets have been all the rage as organizations jump on the net-zero bandwagon. Companies buy carbon credits to “offset” emissions from their operations. But fraud allegations in this voluntary market have mushroomed in recent years, as CSE’s 2022 paper by Sunita Narain and Avantika Goswami highlighted. What are the problems of laissez-faire carbon markets, and do they need to be reined in? This week, I put the spotlight on a set of rules created by an independent body known as the Integrity Council, to help with the market’s bad greenwashing image.

Elsewhere, DTE’s Akshit Sangomla writes about IMD’s monsoon forecast, which says that there is a 51% chance of below-normal rainfall in many parts of India.

CSE’s Kiran Pandey highlights a study warning of rising heat-related deaths in MENA and emphasizes the need for action to mitigate extreme weather's impact.

In other news, India's new natural gas pricing guidelines will not benefit nearly half the country’s consumers. And DTE’s video explainer discusses how climate change is impacting seeds important to India.

Finally, CSE’s Climate Change programme invites you to our online discussion on April 19th. CSE’s Director-General Sunita Narain joins global experts to deliberate on the question: why should developed nations be allowed to use natural gas unhindered, while the developing world gets called out for using coal – when both the fossil fuels contribute to global warming? Read her views on the issue here and here.
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By - Trishant Dev
Climate Change, CSE
There’s 50% chance of monsoon to be below normal or deficit this year, 11 April 2023
Down To Earth
Down To Earth Deaths due to heat in Middle East & North Africa likely to rise 60 times by end of century, 11 April 2023
El Nino impact? India to experience below-normal southwest monsoon, predicts Skymet Weather, 10 April 2023
The distribution of rainfall throughout the season would also be skewed
Africa’s energy sector will need to transform radically — these are the five biggest challenges, 10 April 2023
The relatively high risks that investors assign to most African countries, as compared to the rest of the world, mean they demand a higher return to justify investments
Voluntary carbon market governance body proposes regulations to stamp out greenwashing, 10 April 2023
Exaggerated claims of offset, opaque market practices, conflict of interest and the appropriation of credits for greenwashing have been highlighted by critics
Beyond a green thumb: Green India Mission needs a fresh agenda to meet Nationally Determined Contribution targets, 07 April 2023
At present, GIM communication is limited to the number of saplings and survival rates, which is not enough
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Nearly half of India’s consumers will not benefit from Centre’s revised domestic gas pricing guidelines, 12 April 2023
It is also important to regulate and reduce the prices of imported natural gas in order to accelerate our 2030 decarbonisation pathway
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Three-day symposium in Nairobi delves into role of judiciaries in tackling climate change in Africa, 07 April 2023
The deliberations were aimed at the possibility of developing an Africa-wide collaborative mechanism for sharing information and exchanging experiences in the area of climate justice
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Month of climate contradictions: Contrasts noted worldwide in March 2023, finds Copernicus, 07 April 2023
European meteorological agency noted world’s second joint warmest March on record; Antarctic sea ice the second lowest on record
Down To Earth
Climate change is the architect of new human species, 07 April 2023
Fossil records tell us that physical changes typically take 500,000 years to appear
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