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May 12 - May 17, 2023
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
Dear readers,

Welcome to the Climate Weekly newsletter by the Centre for Science and Environment’s Climate Change programme and Down to Earth.

Extreme weather events, rising heat, and the Indian monsoon are once again in focus this week. Cyclone Mocha made landfall on Myanmar’s coast on May 14th last week, reaching a maximum speed of 277 kmph before reducing to 190 kmph when it hit the Myanmar coast, and has been categorized as an ‘Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm’ by the IMD. Meanwhile, a second cyclone is brewing in the Indian Ocean which can intensify as a category 2 cyclone, reaching a speed of 148 kmph. Watch Down to Earth’s Himanshu Nitnaware explain more here. At the same time many districts across India faced arid conditions last week. DTE’s Shagun reports that at least 78% of all districts across India faced arid, drought-like conditions according to the IMD. 46 districts in India faced ‘severe’ arid conditions. Furthermore, the IMD has predicted a delayed arrival of the monsoon this year, and farmers need to prepare for a failed or shortened monsoon season. Read DTE’s Akshit Sangomla’s reports here and here.

Avantika Goswami, from CSE’s Climate Change team explains a new report from the Union Ministry of Power’s Central Electricity Authority which offers updated projections on what India’s energy mix for the power sector could look like in 2030. Watch the video here.

And here’s a quick reminder that the term ‘Climate Change’ turns 70 this year!

And finally, do register for CSE’s Global Online Certificate Course on Demystifying Environment Data for Communication and Impact – more details can be found here.
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By - Ananya Rao
Climate Change, CSE
Humid heatwaves in South Asia made 30 times more likely by climate change: Study, 17 May 2023
Down To Earth
Down To Earth Heavy rains, flooding in north Italy claim 8 lives; thousands evacuated, 17 May 2023
Delayed monsoon: How a possible El Nino can lead to failed rains in parts of India, 16 May 2023
A cyclone before onset, floods also not ruled out; farmers across the country need to be prepared, say experts
After catastrophic drought for 6 years, flash floods in Somalia displace 200,000, 15 May 2023
Floods by ongoing Gu rains destructed Belet Weyne district, Hirshabelle State and Baardheere in Jubaland State, says UN
Mocha and the ever-growing fiasco we are pushing ourselves into, 16 May 2023
Will the Anthropocene be the shortest era in history?
Biden’s strategy for cutting carbon emissions from electricity generation could extend the lives of fossil fuel power plants, 15 May 2023
The rule’s reliance on carbon capture and storage ought to be music to fossil fuel companies’ ears
Can ALMM mandate bolster India’s renewable energy sector, 15 May 2023
Amendments in ALMM have led to a superficial rise in solar module costs due to gaps in the demand-supply of products, according to some stakeholders
Down To Earth
If your city is sinking, why not make it float?, 17 May 2023
Floating cities are emerging as a possible solution for residents of many of the world's sinking megacities, if they can be built and operated sustainably
Down To Earth
How small family farms are adapting to climate change in Brazil, 17 May 2023
Agroecology offers a production strategy that enables small farmers in northeastern Brazil’s semi-arid region to survive through droughts
Down To Earth
Climate change believers are more likely to cooperate with strangers, new research finds, 17 May 2023
One psychological mechanism that could explain variation in climate change beliefs and pro-environmental behaviour is a general willingness to cooperate in responding to social dilemmas
Down To Earth
11 lions killed in a week in Kenya as climate-linked human-wildlife conflicts escalate, 17 May 2023
Climate change, changing land use and human, livestock and wildlife population increase are major drivers
Down To Earth
There’s no evidence indicating dominant link between warmer climates and COVID-19 spread: WMO, 17 May 2023
However, even secondary factors like weather and air quality can significantly impact the number of infections and deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic
Down To Earth
Climate change is playing spoilsport in kendu leaf collection across eastern India; here’s how, 17 May 2023
Rains, instead of heat and dust storms during April and May, have led to a proliferation of flies which are bothering collectors
Down To Earth
Arid conditions in 78% of India; may affect summer crops, 17 May 2023
Southwest monsoon season in Kerala expected around June 4; 80% chance of El Niño event in May-June-July
Down To Earth
Monsoon arrival may be delayed this year, predicts IMD, 16 May 2023
Looming El Nino can cause rainfall deficit, droughts, say experts citing historical data
Down To Earth
Rising sea levels could swamp sinking Shanghai, 16 May 2023
More than half the city will be under 1.2 metres of flood waters by the end of this century if action is not taken now
Down To Earth
Satellite data signals early hints of a looming El Nino, 16 May 2023
During El Nino years, the Indian monsoon appears to be weaker and less consistent
Down To Earth
Sea butterflies are threatened by climate change. Here’s how this can impact Antarctic marine ecosystems, 16 May 2023
Ocean acidification more dangerous for shelled, smaller sea butterflies but can impact entire ocean foodweb
Down To Earth
Climate change may wipe out Eswatini’s 2 major savanna tree species: Study, 15 May 2023
While marula will move towards cooler sites from warmer ones, Knobthorn will be unable to expand beyond its core range
Down To Earth
Climate change first ‘went viral’ exactly 70 years ago, 15 May 2023
Throughout the 50s and 60s US, Swedish, German and Soviet scientists were examining the issue
Down To Earth
Odisha’s model colony for climate refugees in Kendrapara should be emulated across India, 15 May 2023
More than 45 million people in the country will be forced to migrate due to environmental disruptions by 2050
Down To Earth
‘Dynamic system’: Why Mocha is a storm with a difference, 13 May 2023
A careful analysis shows that the prediction of the storm’s wind speed has been modified several times in the past 3 days
Down To Earth
Climate change mitigation: Flood insurance scheme launched to protect small farmers in Kenya, 12 May 2023
Farmers, experts welcome move, call it ‘game changer’
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