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May 18 - May 24, 2023
A weekly digest on impacts, politics and science of the climate emergency; from the Global South perspective. Access our extensive coverage on climate. You can find this newsletter in the web here.
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Welcome to the Climate Weekly newsletter by the Centre for Science and Environment’s Climate Change programme and Down to Earth.

Climate politics, among other segments of political economy, has a particular affinity for equivocation. You can say a virtuous thing followed by several immoral things, and still emerge looking like a good faith actor. Take the example of the Group of Seven (G7) countries - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States– some of the world’s richest countries, and biggest historical emitters of greenhouse gas emissions. At their annual summit, held this year in Hiroshima, Japan, they said a lot without saying much that was virtuous. Ananya Rao from CSE’s Climate Change team highlights some of the climate-relevant messages: they want all countries to aspire to the same net zero target of 2050 regardless of their developmental needs or historical emissions. They also want to keep using natural gas (in the form of LNG, because piped natural gas cannot be delivered by all producers) – a fossil fuel, because they are engaged in a war with Russia. This comes at a time when we need the rich world to rapidly switch to green energy and take the lead on reducing their emissions.

Elsewhere, a new study finds that extreme heat will put 600 million Indians at ‘greatest future risk’. This, when the WMO states that already, nearly 150,000 Indians have died in the past 51 years because of extreme weather, climate and water-related events.

An analysis of monsoon forecast data has suggested that India will experience a monsoon deficit of 25 millimetersthis year, when compared to the precipitation average for the 1996-2013 period. 

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By - Avantika Goswami
Climate Change, CSE
Global heating to put 600 million Indians at ‘greatest future risk’: Study, 24 May 2023
Down To Earth
Down To Earth Nearly 150,000 Indians have died in the past 51 years because of extreme weather: WMO, 23 May 2023
Increased chance of earth breaching 1.5°C in next five years, 18 May 2023
One of the years from 2023-2027 could be the warmest ever recorded, warns WMO
All talk, no walk: G7 fail to inspire ambitious climate action, 24 May 2023, 24 May 2023
G7’s request for a common net zero deadline from other major economies seriously undermines equity considerations & shifts responsibility for ambitious climate action to emerging economies
The urban jungle needs more trees, 24 May 2023
As cities grow and heat up, it’s time to get rid of your air-conditioner and have more plants in your homes
Down To Earth
Leipzig Transport Summit: Decarbonise now; save on road, rail and airport maintenance, advises report, 25 May 2023
If it’s done, the transport sector can still reduce its CO2 emissions by about 80% over next 25 years, compared to 2019
Down To Earth
Climate lawsuits against major polluters linked with fall in their stock prices: Study, 24 May 2023
Big emitters hurt the most by new cases and unfavourable verdicts in climate litigation
Down To Earth
Termites emit methane. But the extent of their risk to global warming is uncertain; here is why, 24 May 2023
To establish certainty, there is a need to understand the relationship between termite colonies and methane
Down To Earth
Europe, US lawmakers want oil executive ousted from leading world climate talks, 23 May 2023
Dozens of members of the US Congress and European Parliament called for Sultan Al Jaber to be removed as COP28 president-delegate
Down To Earth
Decentralised clean energy tech can impact 37 mn livelihoods in India’s agri, textile sectors: Study, 23 May 2023
Decentralised renewable energy technologies have a market potential worth Rs 4 lakh crore in India, notes study
Down To Earth
How climate change threatens human rights in various sectors of Tanzania: Report, 23 May 2023
Right to food, health, education, access to clean and safe water, decent environment, privacy and family affected
Down To Earth
EU’s top 10 emitters are all coal plants — and 7 of them are repeat offenders, 23 May 2023
Poland, Germany dominate Europe’s emissions; long-term trend of coal power emissions shows a decline
Down To Earth
Chasing the monsoon 2023: India to have below-average rainfall, analysis suggests, 23 May 2023
The highest anomaly or difference in rainfall can be expected in Uttarakhand, followed by Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
Down To Earth
Making cities climate-ready crucial to solving climate crisis: World Bank, 23 May 2023
Cities in rich countries high emitters, but poorer ones will face most severe climate-related hazards, finds report
Down To Earth
World’s top 21 fossil fuel companies owe $5,444 billion in climate reparations, study says, 22 May 2023
Coal India Limited was exempted from paying for damages as India’s Gross National Income per capita income is below $4000, researchers said
Down To Earth
World Bee Day: Climate change may be causing an apple crisis in Himachal and Kashmir this year; here’s how, 20 May 2023
A decline in native and foreign bees due to change in weather and the use of pesticides means that apple production in both areas may take a hit
Down To Earth
Research establishes link between farmer suicides and climate change, 19 May 2023
MGNREGS & social protection schemes are the way out, paper notes
Down To Earth
El Nino to cause global losses worth $84 trillion by 2099, India may be more vulnerable than estimated, 19 May 2023
Impacts of El Nino will be more pronounced in poor countries in the tropics like India
Down To Earth
Italian oil major ENI lobbied for more fossil fuels despite 1970 internal report warning of dangers; faces lawsuit, 18 May 2023
The climate lawsuit, if brought to the court, will be the first of its kind in Italy
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