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6 April – 12 April, 2021
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The varied impacts of climate change have raised serious health concerns particularly in the Northern Territory when extreme heat has forced out 1/3 of doctors. Questions emerge if this is a good time to be born. The impacts of the fashion industry is also harming the planet.

Uttarakhand’s forests are ablaze, and there is an absence of real time air quality monitoring tools in the Himalayas, including Uttarakhand.

Unfavourable weather condition has additionally raised concerns for Bihar's litchi farmers, while sea level rise has resulted in tree deforestation along the Atlantic Coast, resulting in the creation of ‘Ghost Forests’.

A shortage of funds and expertise has an impact on the quality of climate change studies. However, new methods such as climate mapping have proved to be effective in defining the danger zones for African Cycads endangered by pests.

As we approach COP 26, it is critical for the US to reduce the burden on developing countries when it comes to net zero emissions. Whereas India must focus on the viability of alternatives before setting its net zero emissions target.

Meanwhile the Indian Environment Ministry's latest amendment grants coal thermal power plants full permission to pollute, which poses concerns, while China grows its dominance in the energy sector.

In the run up to President Biden’s Leaders’ Summit on Climate this month, the Climate Change team at CSE invites registrations for the CSE Book Release and Media Briefing - Climate Change Science and Politics. We also invite applications for the third instalment of the Online Training Course & Workshop: An Introduction to Climate Change: Science, Politics and Impacts.
Too hot, heading south: how climate change may drive one-third of doctors out of the NT, 12 April 2021
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Down To Earth Climate change is real: Six months on, Uttarakhand forests still ablaze, 06 April 2021
Zero-zero, net zero, 09 April 2021.
The fact that Joe Biden is not a climate denier is good news. But it is not enough.
Is India in a position to announce a target of net zero emissions by 2050?, 08 April 2021
This has to be decided keeping into consideration the country’s national circumstances and the feasibility of achieving such a target
Environment ministry amendment gives coal thermal power stations full licence to pollute: CSE, 08 April 2021.
The modified notification favours operation of old inefficient coal power stations, which can continue to run indefinitely on paying a nominal penalty
Closing the loop on fashion, 08 April 2021
Advanced recycling of textile and agricultural waste is needed to transition to circular economy in apparel industry.
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Forest fires in Uttarakhand: Absence of real-time air quality monitoring plagues Himalayas, 12 April 2021
Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh do not have a single official real-time air quality monitor.
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‘Unfavourable weather’ adds to worries of Bihar’s litchi farmers recovering from 2020 losses, 09 April 2021.
High temperatures throughout March and heatwaves and hailstorms predicted for April and May might hit yield.
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Climate mapping can point to danger spots where new pest threatens Africa’s cycads, 08 April 2021.
Cycads, the world’s oldest seed-producing plants, are facing extinction. Africa is home to a variety of cycad species
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'Climate change studies don't show complete picture of impact on mammals', 08 April 2021
Lack of funds and logistical challenges could be the reasons behind this knowledge gap.
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Sea level rise is killing trees along the Atlantic coast, creating ‘ghost forests’ that are visible from space, 07 April 2021.
Huge swaths of contiguous forest are dying. They’re now known in the scientific community as ‘ghost forests’
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Climate experts hail forthcoming US climate summit with caution and riders, 07 April 2021.
The US should clean up its own act first as far as net zero is concerned, climate experts say
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World Health Day: If you are born today in India, your health prospects look grim, 07 April 2021.
Lack of nutrition, stunting, wasting, pollution and climate change will shorten life expectancies of future generations of Indian children
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Given its economic capacity and carbon debt it owes the world, US should not emit any carbon in the future at all.
‘The expectation that burden of US inaction will be borne by developing countries is unfair’, 06 April 2021
  CSE Book Release and Media Briefing  
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Climate Change Science and Politics
  Online Training Course & Workshop  
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An Introduction to Climate Change: Science, Politics and Impacts
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New Energy Powerplay from Oil to Electric. And China's growing dominance!
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