Book Release & Media Briefing: What's New in Climate Change

Climate change is real. To underline the urgency with which he views this fact, American president Joe Biden has invited 40 world leaders to a virtual climate summit on April 22-23, 2021. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites journalists, journalism students and climate change researchers for a detailed and comprehensive briefing to understand the issues and concerns that Biden's summit may put on the table, and our opinion on what should certainly form a part of the consultations. Especially, the questions of ambition, net zero and equity, among other things.

Our new publication Ð Climate Change: Science and Politics Ð will be officially released on this occasion. The book uses latest statistics, scientific information and data from sources across the world to cover every key aspect of climate change.

Do join us for the release and the briefing

Please note: This is a free webinar. We have limited seats, hence early registration is advised. Those who register will receive a confirmation from CSE. Preference will be given to journalists, journalism students and climate researchers


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Sukanya Nair