To lead technological innovations, catalyze and galvanize public opinion and
encourage policy interventions for bringing about environmental sustainability

About the Lab

The Environment Monitoring Laboratory, earlier known as Pollution Monitoring Laboratory of the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) was established to document and scientifically validate the evidences that showed the anthropogenic nature of environmental pollution and ecological degradation. In this endeavour, it followed the processes of sampling, analysis and public dissemination of information on its outreach platforms, and continues to do so in the present as well. However, over the years Lab’s mandate has expanded from just pollution monitoring to performing overall environmental monitoring, observations, referral services, designing and validation of technologies offering alternatives to conventional mitigation techniques etc. CSE and the work done at its Environment Monitoring Lab now transcends continents and further collaborations are being forged with other premier research centers in Americas, Europe, Africa and Indo-Pacific.

Mission Statement
EML strives to improve the science and technical knowhow of environmental planning and management in India and elsewhere. By doing this we aim to catalyze and galvanize public opinion, lead technological innovations and encourage policy interventions, so as to help bring about environmental sustainability. EML pursues this mission through applied research, education and trainings, information dissemination on various outreach platforms, and technology/knowledge partnerships at national and international levels.

Information Dissemination and Technology Partnerships
EML organizes and also participates in national and international conferences, seminars and specialized trainings. EML and CSE websites host research publications, announcements, archived publications and other technical assistance material. We also have technological partnerships with universities and research labs, nationally and internationally. The Faecal Sludge and Septage Management (FSSM) unit of EML is also a part of international alliance of Labs working in the FSSM space. We also host interns from Indian and Foreign schools for Master’s and PhD thesis level research
EML has been established and nurtured by CSE as a specialized lab that can cater to a wide spectrum of environmental sampling and analysis work.

EML comprises of lab sub-units which together constitute the overall lab setup. There are functions and resources that are shared by units or sometimes, accessed by only a select group.


Lab Studies

Accreditation and Recognition

 EML is a ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory. The most recent certification audit happened in November-December 2018.
The quality management system put in place here, is a robust one with best industry practices being followed.

 CSE is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) under the Scheme on Recognition of Scientific and Industrial Research Organisations.

 The FSSM unit of EML is a partner lab in the global sanitation alliance of labs working in the FSSM area. Some of the other labs in this global partnership are IHE-Delft, AIT-Bangkok, PRG-University of Kwazulu Natal, EAWAG-Switzerland.



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