Please give to CSE
Dear friend,

We need your donation to build our long-term sustainability. CSE will be able to continue to work and drive change with the money you give us.

Our financial model is simple – we raise programme related resources for the work we do and we raise funds for our corpus through donations for our long-term sustainability. The money in our endowment (corpus) builds our internal strength to pursue our work with rigour, passion and without any compromise on our independence.

It is clear that today’s world requires public research and advocacy institutions. This is what we strive to be; all our work is in the public interest; and our most important objective is to make sure we do not break your trust in the quality or intent of our work.

We believe that the issues we are concerned with, the solutions we are looking for, are important for our today and tomorrow. Everything from water scarcity to garbage to climate change threaten to destroy our wellbeing; we face existential threats.

We need your support – your trust and your funds – as these build our strength and our ability to continue to do the work we do.

The government has given CSE tax-exempt status. This goes a long way in building our institutional corpus. All the money we receive through the books we sell or the donations you give us go into this fund to support our work.

Also any donation you give us will be eligible for deduction under Section 80G. We will be happy to send you more details.

We hope to hear from you.

Sunita Narain
Aditya Batra
What do you get by making a donation to CSE?
  • Fortnightly email bulletins on current CSE activities
  • Annual reports
  • Publications and audio-visual products available at discounted prices
  • Invitations to CSE activities
  • Opportunities to directly participate in CSE activities through intern/volunteer programmes
  • Opportunities to participate in capacity-building training programmes at discounted prices
  • Services of an environmental clearinghouse information on environmental topics