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The fundamental principle underlying CSE’s water management programme is that the looming water crisis facing the country is not primarily due to a lack of water, but rather arises from mismanagement of water resources. The centralized management paradigm has kept the citizens out and taken away their sense of responsibility towards managing their water.

Given the growing population and water demand, the government will find it extremely difficult to raise financial resources to meet the growing water needs as well as to clean up the increasing levels of polluted water. The answers to meeting the challenge of the water crisis lie in a participatory, efficient and sustainable water management paradigm. 

Water and Wastewater Management
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Wastewater and Septage Management
AMRUT Programme

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video Faecal Sludge Management in Jhansi

The historic city of Jhansi was selected as one of the smart cities in 2015, by Government of India. As the city lies on the plateau of Central India, it is dominated by rocky relief, hence laying of underground sewerage network was a challenge.

video Harvest of Rain-CSE

A Public Service Advertisment on Rainwater Harvesting by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)

video Harvest of Rain

Harvest of Rain


The government is all set to amend the colonial Indian Forest Act, and make it more biased against forest dwellers

Gobar Times

The magic of small steps


Water and Wastewater Management

CSE launches an analysis of the sanitation chain in 66 cities of Uttar Pradesh through, SFDs

New Delhi, February 12, 2019: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has launched report on Managing Septage in Cities of Uttar Pradesh-An analysis of the sanitation chain in 66 cities of Uttar Pradesh in two Volumes.

Water and Wastewater Management

Managing water-wastewater in the Ganga towns

CSE has helped the state governments of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar in developing policies/operative guidelines on faecal sludge and septage management.

Urban Water

Urban rainwater harvesting initiatives in Bangladesh

WaterAid International has identified the partnership between CSE and WaterAid Bangladesh as an outstanding example in its category.

Water and Wastewater Management

CSE launched assessment report on FSM in UP towns

Mr Manoj Kumar Singh Principal Secretary, DoUD (UP) released a report on “MANAGING SEPTAGE IN CITIES OF UTTAR PRADESH -An analysis of the sanitation chain in 30 cities, through SFDs”,

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