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    MOUNT is one stop shop for sustainable sanitation solutions
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Nearly 61% of the global population (4.5 billion people) lack safely managed sanitation services (use of a toilet or latrine that leads to treatment or safe disposal of excreta). In a country like India only 40% of urban households are connected to sewerage network, read more


MOUNT is an aggregator platform for various sustainable technologies, encouraging and disseminating knowledge and good practices for wastewater management. On this platform the information you can get is on: • 4 categories of technologies • 21 technologies read more

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Depending on your need you can search on MOUNT on the basis of technology, sub-technology or case study. In case you are confused between the meanings of the terms use the glossary, in case you are not, you can move on to search read more

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A facility (it may include user interface as well) that, in absence of sewerage network, collects and fully/partially treats the black water to allow for safe reuse or disposal of generated effluent.

A facility where domestic wastewater (both black and grey water) is treated close to the source at community or institutional scale to allow for safe local reuse or disposal of generated effluent.

A facility where the septage and/or faecal sludge is received (by vacuum trucks or otherwise) as an input and gets fully treated to allow for safe reuse or disposal of generated output (both solid and liquid).

A facility where interventions are done at the receiving waterbody (like lakes, ponds and rivers) and/or open drains/nullahs itself for rejuvenation of the receiving water bodies.


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