Work Overview

Community Support Programme is a programme with a vision to help various communities in the country who request CSE for technical support. It aims at those communities which do not have access to such technical support and have issues pertaining to environment in their vicinity.

The thought behind this programme is that community can best explain its problem, as they are the most vulnerable group of people who bear the repercussions of the harm done to environment. They also do not have any support, due to lack of funds and knowledge, in order to save themselves from the catastrophe caused by mankind. In such cases if any community or a representative approaches CSE, we provide them with proper technical guidance in order to curb further harm to the community that is being done by human activity and environmental consequences of the same.


Video & Infographics

video Public hearing video of the Proposed Green field Integrated Cement Plant Project of Orient Cement - Part I

Balwinder Singh Sidhu, Commissioner of Agriculture, Government of Punjab, talks about Punjab’s agriculture strategy to adapt to climate change at the release of the book “Rising to the Call : Good practices of Climate Change Adaptation in India” held on the 19th December