CSE 's Round Table on Mercury Pollution in Sonbhadra

Pollution in Sonbhadra area is not new and has been talked about for many years but no action has been taken to check the pollution. This has led to long term health impacts which have now started to show up in the population of the region. CSE took up a study to look at these health impacts and to investigate the possible causes.

The Pollution Monitoring Laboratory of CSE carried an extensive analysis of water,soil and biological samples like blood, nails and hair of people in Sonbhadra and revealed alarming mercury contamination in the samples.

CSE organised a Round-Table discussion on this alarming issue of mercury contamination in Sonbhadra area on November 30, 2012 at New Delhi to find the ways ahead to reduce this issue of mercury contamination.This brought together experts, policy makers, industries and civil society groups.

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