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Renewable energy programme in CSE, from its inception, being focused on addressing Decentralized development. Traditionally, the focus of the programme was on improving energy access through renewable energy sources, while accommodating for environmental and social externalities. While CSE continues to pursue this, the overarching objective of the programme is now expanded to mainstream renewable energy in decarbonizing the power sector.

CSE’s efforts are thus dedicated to ensuring development and implementation of sound renewable energy policies and programmes at national and local government level that lead to large-scale deployment of renewable energy technologies in various sectors of the economy, to meet the twin objective of combating climate change on one hand and energy security, on the other. .


Decentralised renewable energy is bringing this Odisha village’s energy aspirations to life
By: Vaani Khanna
India faces energy-economic growth paradox for achieving $10 trillion economy goal
By: Jay C Shiv
To venture or not to venture: Emerging compressed biogas sector lucrative for enterpreneurs but present dilemmas
By: Jay C Shiv
Unlocking power of pumped storage hydropower: A sustainable energy solution
By: Binit Das
PM-JANMAN for tribal electrification: Beacon of hope or mirage?
By: Binit Das
Crop Residue Management Guidelines 2023-24 welcome move for bioenergy industry but concerns remain
By: Vaani Khanna, Rahul Jain
High time to recreate biogas development & training centres to sustain India’s compressed biogas sector
By: Rahul Jain
Can rooftop solar projects help states achieve their renewable purchase obligation targets?
By: Maitreyi Karthik
Grid-scale storage can play vital role in boosting India’s renewable energy transition
By: Maitreyi Karthik
Decentralised renewable energy solutions may be the answer to Tanzania’s energy gap
By: Maitreyi Karthik
Clean(er) cooking in India: Country should explore e-cooking but address these challenges before switching
By: Noble Varghese
Global Biofuel Alliance can power India’s energy transition drive, but must have time-bound targets
By: Rahul Jain, Soumya Saraf

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Fortnightly Bulletin

Press Releases
January 21, 2019
In Gurugram, rooftop solar is the alternative for DG sets: says CSE
January 21, 2019
In Gurugram, rooftop solar is the alternative for DG sets: says CSE
July 09, 2021
CSE releases new analysis on the ‘State of the Renewable Energy Sector in India’
June 5, 2019
On World Environment Day, CSE helps Gurugram chart a course to a cleaner, pollution-free, solar-powered future
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video Why has India's solar capacity addition slowed down?

India wants to add 100 GW of capacity by 2022. But according to a new report by global analytics firm CRISIL, it will only manage 60 GW by 2022.

video Net metering: Own a solar plant on your roof and earn money, be green

The ministry of environment subsidises grid connected roof top solar power systems.

video Clean Cook Stoves and Climate Mitigation: Conversation with Tara Ramnathan

DownToEarth is at the Cop22 in Marrakech in Morocco. Here we speak to Tara Ramnathan, prgramme director at Nexleaf Analytics. 


Renewable Energy

Paving way to new emission norms for thermal power plants in Indonesia

May 7, 2019

Indonesian MoEF has notified new emission norms for thermal power plants. This is a major win for CSE and a result of sustained effort and engagement.

Renewable Energy

Promoting Distributed Renewable Energy

CSE has used its research to constantly engage with the government and advocate for change in the government’s policy framework. 

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