India's Transition to Electric Cooking

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Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites you to an official online release of its report titled ‘India’s transition to e-cooking’. The release will be followed by a webinar on challenges, opportunities and a plausible roadmap for large-scale adoption of electricity-based cooking solutions by rural communities in India.

We look forward to seeing you at this online event.


Approximately 500 million people in India do not have access to clean cooking solutions. The use of traditional fuels like wood and biomass for cooking leads to significant health problems, environmental damage and greenhouse gas emissions. The Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) had aimed to provide LPG cylinders to rural households, but high refill costs and cultural beliefs have hindered its success.

This new report by CSE suggests that a shift towards e-cooking in rural India can reduce emissions, health problems and economic burdens. The transition may cost Rs 1-5 lakh crore, but is essential for a sustainable, healthier future. Effective load management and capacity addition will be needed to meet peak power demands for e-cooking.

The report lays down a strategic roadmap which includes a phased approach with regard to multiple components such as electricity demand management, technology penetration, research and development on cooking devices and utensils specific to the cooking needs of rural households, affordability, financial support and building awareness and capacity to overcome social and cultural barriers through community engagement.

Equally importantly and comprehensively, the report tries to understand the roles of various stakeholders in the transition. It does not necessarily look into or recommend e-cooking as the only option for achieving the objective of clean cooking for all – CSE is of the opinion that e-cooking in conjunction with LPG-based initiatives can reduce traditional use of biomass.


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India's Transition to Electric Cooking
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