Energy Access in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Over 600 million people in Africa– more than 60 per cent of the continent’s population -- do not have access to essential electricity services. The Sub-Saharan African (SSA) region faces the brunt of this energy poverty. Of the 38 countries across the world that fail to provide basic electricity access to their populations, 30 are from the Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Undoubtedly, the region faces a formidable challenge. Existing infrastructure is woefully inadequate, falling far short of present needs, let alone the demands of the future.The lack of energy leads to a lack of essential necessities like proper healthcare, sanitation, education, economic development, and employment. When these fundamental services are absent, the risk of social and political unrest significantly increases. 

Centre for Science and Environment(CSE) has been actively engaged with several countries and organisations across Africa, focussing on a range of development concerns including the challenge of energy access. In order to discuss, understand and delve deeper into the challenges and opportunities related to energy access issues in SSA, CSE cordially invites you to join an online discussion. 

For more details, please contact:

Binit Das
Programme Manager, Renewable Energy, CSE
+91 80933 26269



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Webinar recording
Enhancing energy access through RE & DRE: Is finance the missing link?
By: Tamiksha Singh
International Solar Alliance
Energy Access in SSA: Gap is too wide!!
By: Binit Das
Energy Transition in SSA: Understanding Policy and Financing Landscape
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Olu Aruike
Country Director - Nigeria
Husk Power Systems
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Strategy Planning Specialist
International Solar Alliance
New Delhi
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Programme Manager: Energy Access and Transitions
The African Climate Foundation
South Africa
Jay C. Shiv
Programme Director
Renewable Energy Programme
Centre for Science and Environment
New Delhi
Binit Das
Programme Manager
Renewable Energy Programme
Centre for Science and Environment
New Delhi
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