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Centre for Science and Environment’s bonds with media – journalists, news and feature publications, media houses etc – go back almost to the days of its infancy. CSE’s founder-director, the late Anil Agarwal, himself a journalist, well appreciated the role that media could play in carrying CSE’s voice and message to the world outside. From that appreciation has emerged an enduring relationship over the years, sustained by a belief and understanding that media is one of the key ‘multiplier’ communities which support CSE’s work. We believe that the mass media can help in analysing the linkages between environment and development, spark debates on crucial issues, and lead to positive change.

Media Resource Centre


दिनांक: दिसंबर 9-10, 2021

Media Resource Centre


दिनांक: जुलाई 10, 2021

Media Resource Centre


दिनांक: जनवरी 30, 202१

Media Resource Centre


दिनांक: नवंबर 28-29, 2020

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video Fodder Crisis in North India

According to the 20th Livestock Census, India has 535 million livestock animals. Most of these animals including eat straw or green fodder. 

video Rising heatwaves ravage the Himalayas; here’s why

On April 19, 2022, 117 fresh forest fire incidents were reported in Uttarakhand by the forest department.

video How is climate change affecting the Western Disturbances? In conversation with Prof. AP Dimri

Climate change is affecting the weather patterns across the world. In this conversation, Akshit Sangomla talks to Prof. AP Dimri