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Centre for Science and Environment’s bonds with media – journalists, news and feature publications, media houses etc – go back almost to the days of its infancy. CSE’s founder-director, the late Anil Agarwal, himself a journalist, well appreciated the role that media could play in carrying CSE’s voice and message to the world outside. From that appreciation has emerged an enduring relationship over the years, sustained by a belief and understanding that media is one of the key ‘multiplier’ communities which support CSE’s work. We believe that the mass media can help in analysing the linkages between environment and development, spark debates on crucial issues, and lead to positive change.

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August 02, 2023 | Industry
Foundries are one of the contributors to air pollution in Rajasthan, says a Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) assessment
July 30, 2023 | Antimicrobial Resistance Programme
Very few new antibiotics being developed, even as antibiotic resistance grows – this is signalling a dire public health emergency that needs global coordinated action: CSE
June 06, 2023 | Climate Change
It is all about the money this year, says CSE on expectations from Bonn climate meet kicking off this week
June 05, 2023 | Environment Education
Five state schools bag the coveted Chief Minister’s GSP Rolling Trophy for 2022-23
June 04, 2023 | Air Pollution
Delhi-NCR hit by summer ozone once again, but levels lower than previous summers: CSE analysis
June 04, 2023 | Media Resource Centre
CSE marks World Environment Day with release of its annual compendium of data, The State of India’s Environment 2023: In Figures
June 03, 2023 | Waste
Still a long way to go before we get a plastics-free planet, says CSE assessment of outcomes of Paris meeting on plastic pollution

Media Resource Centre

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