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Centre for Science and Environment’s bonds with media – journalists, news and feature publications, media houses etc – go back almost to the days of its infancy. CSE’s founder-director, the late Anil Agarwal, himself a journalist, well appreciated the role that media could play in carrying CSE’s voice and message to the world outside. From that appreciation has emerged an enduring relationship over the years, sustained by a belief and understanding that media is one of the key ‘multiplier’ communities which support CSE’s work. We believe that the mass media can help in analysing the linkages between environment and development, spark debates on crucial issues, and lead to positive change.

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video Can farming be profitable through crop value addition and direct selling?

Let me ask a simple question? Which or what is the biggest business community in India? Give this a careful bit of thinking. Would you be surprised, if I say that it is the farming community? The farmer makes great investments to till the land, to fertilise the soil, to buy seeds and sow crops and then finally harvest the produce. Like a business entrepreneur, the farmer too makes investments, and like an entrepreneur the farmer also hopes to make profits.

video CSE Webinar: An environmental agenda for the furture and the learnings from a lockdown

During the pandemic-induced lockdown period, PM 2.5 levels across six major Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru – dropped a phenomenal 45-88 per cent. The drop in Delhi-NCR was of about 66-79 per cent. However, with the nation opening up in lockdown 4, pollution has started registering a comeback.

video Khaana Registaan Ka: Celebrating Food from the desert with Pushpesh Pant

The desert, to many, is a vast, arid wasteland which most of the time, is life-threatening – in fact, the Hindi word marubhoomi or marusthal (deriving from Sanskrit) reminds us of mortality.


There is a renewed interest among scientific community about turmeric’s therapeutic benefits

Gobar Times

From farm to fork, a birdy’s yoke, and a Gandhian folk