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October 21, 2020 | IndustryStrong Logic Behind A 'First-Run' Policy: CSE September 29, 2020 | HabitatThermally uncomfortable mass housing can stop India’s National Cooling Action Plan from achieving its target of reducing cooling energy need by 20-40 per cent by 2037-38 September 28, 2020 | Air PollutionWhat will India do with its old vehicles? September 24, 2020 | WastePlastic waste is India’s and the world’s most formidable environmental challenge today, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made matters worse: CSE

Can farming be profitable through crop value addition and direct selling?

Let me ask a simple question? Which or what is the biggest business community in India? Give this a careful bit of thinking. Would you be surprised, if I say that it is the farming community? The farmer makes great investments to till the land, to fertilise the soil, to buy seeds and sow crops and then finally harvest the produce. Like a business entrepreneur, the farmer too makes investments, and like an entrepreneur the farmer also hopes to make profits.


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