Climate change is dictating the fate of our planet. Record temperatures, melting ice sheets and glaciers, sea level rise, emergence of new diseases and the increasing frequency

Climate Change

The floods in Mumbai and Texas show that both India and the US are underdeveloped in disaster response and preparedness

By: Vijeta Rattani

CLIMATE CHANGE is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events around the world, sparing no country. Research from the Washington-based National Climate Assessment establishes a direct link between a warmer climate and heavier downpours: hotter air can hold more moisture, meaning there’s more water available “for storms to wring out of the atmosphere”.

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Climate Change

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video Water budget: Accounting of water at the time of climate change

When most of Maharashtra was facing drought in 2016, this tiny village called Kumbharwadi in Ahmednagar district was watersufficient. This was because in 2015 they had started a programme to budget their water resources. They were guided by a Pune-based think tank called Watershed Organisation Trust.

video After Copenhagen: What's on the Agenda (II)

Published on Dec 1, 2010 This second part of Sunita Narain's presentation on the politics of climate change focuses on how economic growth is linked to higher carbon emissions. "

video Chandra Bhushan, on the first week of COP21 Paris

Published on Dec 7, 2015 Chandra Bhushan talks about the first week of negotiations at the Paris Climate Change Conference COP21


Countries and companies are heavily investing in offshore wind projects despite challenges

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