CSE's Volunteer Programme

Objectives of CSE’s volunteer programme
Educate, promote and disseminate CSE’s ideas and ideology. The main aim is to bring like-minded people together and generate a broad consensus on issues concerning environment, development and sustainability. 

Give recognition to volunteers’ work. Any work done by volunteers is extremely valued. Research work and data collected by volunteers is archived for anybody’s reference. The volunteers name appears in the publications in which they may have worked for. This may take not happen immediately as major researches take a long period to be published. 

Facilitate and provide an atmosphere that enhances learning. CSE Volunteers are often invited to different conferences and functions so that they feel part of the CSE family. 

Networking. This involves connecting CSE’s volunteers with other friends of CSE. Which means, we may share our database of volunteers with other organisations also. Hence you may have a chance to volunteer in other organisations as well. 

Volunteers are assigned tasks which are integral to the ongoing projects. Hence, we expect the volunteer to contribute as such much time they can, preferably 7-8 hrs a day. However, volunteers enjoy the liberty of flexi timing and we try to customize the timing depending on the work and hours that a volunteer can spend. Sometimes, if the task permits, we do allow volunteers to work from home or the city in which they reside and submit the work online, also.

For example, we had volunteers from different parts of India who helped us collect data on city water and waste water survey conducted by our water team. Interestingly, in spite of this assignment being totally unpaid, we found no dearth of volunteers! 

Not a training programme 
One must not confuse volunteering as a training programme. There is no designed curriculum. Volunteers just team up with the employed unit members to take the ongoing task forward. Hence, it’s learning while working. 

Matching skill sets to assignment 
We will try our best to ensure that your Volunteering experience is a memorable and enriching one. It is for this reason that we make sure that your preferences are taken care of so that you enjoy the assignment and learn from what you are doing. We ensure that as a volunteer, you can make a serious value-addition to your profile and skill-set.

What we in turn demand from you is to be determined and be open to learning.  

Areas where you can contribute 
You can be a part of a research or non research programmes at CSE.  

The research programmes include Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Management, Climate Change & Global Warming, Industry and Environment, Environmental Education,  Pollution monitoring Laboratory. You may also be interested in lending a hand to CSE’s survey, research and data collection efforts.

Non research work could involve providing helping hand to organize different campaigns and press releases and be a part of CSE’s numerous awareness campaigns.

You could assist us in digging up key contacts in government and bureaucracy and help us meet people who are decision-makers. For this you will be associated with our database unit. You could be associated with CSE’s Environmental Information Dissemination Unit to help reach CSE’s products to the mass.

You could also be part of our website team by helping in updating its content or even design. 

We will help you explore the existing policies that govern our daily life and the people who make these policies. If you want to be the one to make a difference, then register for CSE’s Volunteer Programme. 

Volunteer Benefits
The key words in maintaining enthusiasm among volunteers are: AIR 

ACTION: Providing the kind of activity Volunteers expect

INSPIRATION: Keeping Volunteers motivated by understanding what inspires them

RELATIONSHIP: Maintaining communication and nurturing a long-term relationship built on trust and support. In order to enhance and build a symbiotic relationship, volunteers are often invited to CSE conferences and meetings. A copy of the annual report is also provided to volunteers so that they are in touch with various CSE activities and programmes. Volunteers are also provided the following facilities:

  •  Discount on CSE Publications

  • Invitation to CSE Conferences

  • Get the fortnightly newsletter  

We wish to develop a platform where all our volunteers, past and present can come together and raise issues of common concern. We wish to maintain this network so that we can have access to a talented pool of people who are socially aware and who understand CSE’s aims and goals. So, this is an invitation to you to register with us, even if you have been involved with our cause in the past. 

Senior Volunteers 
Centre for Science and Environment has always encouraged senior citizens and retired professionals to volunteer for a number of reasons 

  • Seniors bring rich work experience of a lifetime

  • Seniors usually already have Volunteering experience

  • Seniors are ready to experiment and carry out jobs that they have never done before

For retired citizens, Volunteering is a second or a third career. Volunteering also helps retired citizens to adjust to a newly retired life. Experiment with Volunteering and keep your talents youthful. Over the decades, hundreds of active retired individuals and senior citizens have contributed hugely to various CSE programmes and campaigns.