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Our planet is in trouble! It is faced with a long list of problems such as pollution, climate change, forest destruction and extinction of plants and animals etc. The good part is that most of us know that these threats exist and that humans have caused them. And we also know that every one of us, has a responsibility for our environment.

By volunteering at CSE you can, whatever your age, do something to help slow down and reverse some of the damage. In the process you will enrich yourself with a wealth of knowledge and a perspective that will enable you to contribute meaningfully to society and to your profession.


We’ll find a good match for your talent and time. One that, you will enjoy.

CSE has a structured Volunteers’ programme, wherein there is an online system of registration for people interested in volunteering. CSE maintains an automated searchable database to search for a suitable candidate when need arises within the Institution. Volunteers are accepted based on their suitability, availability and location. 

The only difference is volunteers are from various background and age groups, whereas, interns are mostly students who get associated with us for part fulfillment of their course requirement. Volunteers are given a stipend of Rs. 500/ working day, whereas interns are not. However, both are entitled to reimbursements for any official work, as applicable to all CSE staff.

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