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What happened to our right to CLEAN AIR!
Our campaign started with blowing the lid on smog and exposing the smogmakers in a city where a person dies every hour due to air pollution. The campaign carries on to clean the air of noxious pollutants to make breathing easier for all.

Air quality and public health
The rate at which urban air pollution has grown across India is alarming. A vast majority of cities are caught in the toxic web as air quality fails to meet health-based standards. Almost all cities are reeling under severe particulate pollution while newer pollutants like oxides of nitrogen and air toxics

Air Pollution

Date: September 15, 2020

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Air Pollution

About the policy brief:

"The issue of crop reside burning has in recent years been identified as one of the leading factors affecting the air quality of Delhi & NCR. Not just this, it has also been affecting the health of those exposed directly to such crop fires and also to those in urban areas surrounding the site of these fires.



video COVID-19 lockdown: 60% drop in air pollution in Indian cities says Anumita Roychowdhury from CSE

Anumita Roychowdhury, head of air pollution and mobility at New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment

video Why Delhi continues to choke year after year

Sunita Narain and Anumita Roychowdhury explains the current air pollution situation in Delhi.

video VIVA: India's first quick charging station for electric vehicles now commercially available

ViVa or Vidyut Vahan is India's first quick charging electric vehicles. ViVa takes 90 per cent less time to charge. An electric rickshaw can be charged in 80 minutes, instead of 10 hours it takes now.


Air Pollution

Work in the states moves ahead

In Odisha, a meeting with the state Additional Chief Secretary, Environment, firmed up the next steps for implementation of CAAP for the state’s non-attainment cities.

Air Pollution

Making public transport affordable

CSE's study on affordability and economics of public transport in Indian cities, disseminated at the International Conclave on Low Carbon Mobility held on September 4–5, 2018 in New Delhi


Augmenting Delhi's bus fleet

CSE's research on public transport crisis in the city, titled Waiting for the Bus, was well received by government agencies and triggered

Air Pollution

Reaching a milestone in emission standards

CSE's consistent advocacy has led to a Supreme Court order that directed that only BS-VI vehicles (running on petrol or diesel with 10 ppm sulphur)

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