Making public transport affordable

CSE's study on affordability and economics of public transport in Indian cities, disseminated at the International Conclave on Low Carbon Mobility held on September 4–5, 2018 in New Delhi, stirred a debate in the media and at the Central and state government levels. As a follow-up to the Conclave and the study, a petition was filed in the Delhi High Court, asking for appropriate subsidies to be given to the poor to ensure the Delhi Metro remains affordable for them. The High Court has sought responses from the Delhi government and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. 
In the same Conclave, CSE also disseminated its findings on the lack of focus on urban transport  under Central government schemes in the last four years. It kicked off policy debate and helped put in perspective the Indian government’s approach on this subject, as well as the shortfalls of this approach. Moving ahead, this momentum will be used to pursue the agenda of utilising fiscal and regulatory instruments available with the Central government (including Metro funding) as a leverage to push for reforms in urban transport