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Environment education has for long been limited to a narrow focus on nature and wildlife, topics on which a vast amount of literature already exists. The Environment Education Unit (EEU) at CSE was launched to initiate ecological literacy.

The EEU targets the future inheritors of this earth and tomorrow's planners and administrators. It tries to familiarise them with the link between the degrading environment and poverty. The unit aims to come up with quality resource material and programmes for school, college and university students as well as environment educators and parents to bring about awareness about our environment.

Environment Education

CSE's First Regional Knowledge Conclave in South India (Sept 6&7, 2018) organised for the members of CSE's Green Educators' Network was launched successfully. The Conclave was hosted at the University of one of the network members –JSS University of Science & Technology, Mysuru.

Environment Education
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video The Best Waste Manager In Bengaluru

In Bengaluru's Kendriya Vidyalaya Rail Wheel Factory waste does not get out of the school campus. The school composts 80 per cent of its waste within the school walls and stands out as a shining example in a city where waste management is a problematic issue.