Solar 30 - Capacity Building Workshop for Himachal Pradesh Teachers at AAETI

Climate change is the most formidable threat that the world is facing today. Emissions from burning of fossil fuels for energy is one of the major contributors to this threat. Use of renewable sources of energy – such as solar and wind – is being seen as a key initiative towards replacing fossil fuels and mitigating the impacts of a changing climate.

Centre for Science and Environment’s Green Schools Programme (GSP) has been working with school teachers and educators from across the country to build understanding and knowledge about climate change, its impacts and linkages to some of the major environmental concerns that we face today, the solutions and adaptive measures that we could initiate, and how the subject could be taught effectively in the classroom.

Solar 30 is one of the key new initiatives of GSP in this direction, under which the programme – with the support of HIMCOSTE – is aiming to work exclusively with some selected schools in Himachal Pradesh. This is the second in a series of workshops (the first was held in Solan) designed for these schools (christened Super 30 as a group), which will continue the discussions and knowledge building around renewable energy.

The workshop will focus on issues ranging from the use of solar energy in daily life and challenges in installation, to best practices from schools -- through an assortment of lectures and presentations, videos and activities. All in the sylvan surroundings of CSE’s training facility in the foothills of the Aravallis.

The venue
CSE’s state-of-the-art residential training facility, Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), located a three-hour road trip away from Delhi in Nimli, at the foothills of the Aravallis, near Alwar in Rajasthan. You will love the campus – check it out here.

Do you have to pay anything to attend?
No. CSE will take care of the travel and boarding-lodging costs and arrangements of all selected participants. Buses will transport you from specified locations in Delhi to the campus and back, and the campus offers comfortable twin sharing accommodation and a fully functional cafeteria.

Is it safe to attend a public event?
CSE and AAETI mandate and try to follow a stringent covid protocol.

This Workshop is open only to nominated representatives from 30 schools of Himachal Pradesh. These schools have been hand-picked by HIMCOSTE and GSP.
Neeraj Kumar




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A Journey To Sustainable Eco World
By Neerja Bhatnagar
Understanding And Using Re In A Climate Stressed World
By Maitreyi Karthik
GSP Introduction
by Neeraj Kumar
RE in Classroom
By Tushita Rawat
List of Participants
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RE in Himachal Pradesh - Misereor
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