Powering our Tomorrow: Using Renewable Energy in Schools

Climate change stands as the paramount environmental challenge of today. The significant contribution of emissions from burning of fossil fuels exacerbates this threat. Transitioning to renewable energy sources, including solar and wind power, is widely recognised as a crucial initiative to mitigate climate change to a great extent.

Centre for Science and Environment’s Green Schools Programme (GSP) has been working with school teachers and educators from across the country to build understanding and knowledge about climate change, its impacts, how renewable energy solutions can be helpful and how these learnings can be taken to the classroom.

GSP initiative in Himachal Pradesh — Solar 30 — in collaboration with HIMCOSTE works exclusively with some selected schools in the state on building an understanding of renewables, transitioning to solar energy and handling its operations and maintenance. This is the third in a series of workshops (the first was held in Solan and second at AAETI, Nimli) designed for these schools (Solar 30), which will continue the discussions and knowledge building around renewable energy.

The workshop will focus on issues ranging from the use of solar energy in everyday life and challenges in installation, to integration of these lessons into classroom teaching through presentations, lectures, discussions and activities.

This Workshop is open only to nominated representatives from 30 schools of Himachal Pradesh. These schools have been handpicked by HIMCOSTE and GSP.


Neeraj Kumar

Environment Education Unit, CSE



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