video COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease. What are zoonotic diseases?

We may not be absolutely certain about the origin of COVID-19, but, what we know for a fact is that most human disease-causing pathogens came from animals. And when I say most, I mean over 60% of them. This transference of a disease from an animal to human beings is called Zoonoses,

video COVID-19 lockdown: 60% drop in air pollution in Indian cities says Anumita Roychowdhury from CSE

Anumita Roychowdhury, head of air pollution and mobility at New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment

video Can polluted air drive people to the edge

People exposed to high levels of air pollution are more likely to be depressedm, even commit suicide, according to a new study. 



CSE facilitates a milestone change in Zanzibar’s waste management

Zanzibar Local Government Authority has notified the Urban Municipal Council Solid Waste Management (SWM) Regulations, 2019 on 14 November 2019. This is a major win for CSE and a result of sustained effort and engagement.

Urban Water

MoU signed with Housing and Urban Development Dept Govt of Odisha

CSE has signed a three-year MoU with the Housing and Urban Development Dept. (HUDD), Govt. of Odisha

Water and Wastewater Management

CSE Signed an MoU with the International Water Association (IWA)

April 2, 2019

Sustainable management of water and wastewater is one of the essential prerequisites for development in modern times.


CSE and CPWD knowledge partners for long term sustainable development and practice

CSE’s engagement with CPWD has matured from capacity building to along-term knowledge partnership.