video Our Agenda for survival Ep3: I have a problem with illegal GM in my food

A recent study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found genetically modified ingredients in packaged foods sold in India. Sunita Narain, director general of CSE and editor of Down to Earth raises important questions on the legality of these products in the Indian market,

video CSE's Chandra Bhushan on GM in India's packaged food

Chandra Bhushan, Deputy Director General of Delhi based Centre For Science and Environment talks about their new study on GM ingredients in packaged foods

video Why farmers in Uttarakhand prefer indigenous and local seeds over hybrids?

In Uttrakhand, farmers are slowly shifting away from hybrid seeds to traditional varieties of seeds.


The continent's real development will only come through access to safe sanitation

भविष्य का वाहन

स्पष्ट नीति के अभाव में क्या भारत बि जली से चलने वाले वाहनों के व्या पार को नेतृत्व प्रदान कर सकता है?



Water and Wastewater Management

CSE's septage management guide in Hindi finds wide audience

Vinod Kumar Jindal, Joint Secretary, Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) released CSE's new septage management practitioner's guide in Hindi, in New Delhi on April 26, 2018.

Urban Water

Urban rainwater harvesting initiatives in Bangladesh

WaterAid International has identified the partnership between CSE and WaterAid Bangladesh as an outstanding example in its category.

Water and Wastewater Management

CSE recognised as Centre of Excellence (COE) by the Indian government

Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs of the Government of India has recognised CSE as a Centre of Excellence (COE) in the area of sustainable water management.


Making inroads in Africa

An Integrated Waste Management Policy for African Nations, prepared by CSE, is under consideration for passage and implementation in three countries -- Swaziland, Zanzibar and Namibia.