video Cleanest Cities of India: How cities resolved their garbage problem?

There is a silent transformation happening across the country. Slow and steady changes which are spreading across cities, towns and municipalities.

video Why is Antimicrobial Resistance the biggest threat to humanity?

In 1928, at St. Mary's Hospital, London, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. This led to the introduction of antibiotics, which has since shaped human history.

video COP26 Glasgow: Why equity is key to stopping climate change. Indepth presentation by Sunita Narain

Sunita Narain Director General, Centre for Science and Environment traces the inequities of emissions that has led to run away climate change.


Environment Education

CSE receives the ‘Gift of Trees’

CSE receives the ‘Gift of Trees’ as an appreciation for organising the National Annual Educators’ Conclave at AAETI, Nimli in September 2021.


CSE works with EPA Ghana on Inspection and Audit manual

EPA Ghana has launched the Inspection and Audit manual which is collaboratively being prepared by CSE's Industrial Pollution team and EPA.

Food and Toxins

Working on AMR in Zambia

Given the complete curb on international travel and the attention of partner agencies in Zambia on the Covid-19 situation

Urban Water

MoU signed with Housing and Urban Development Dept Govt of Odisha

CSE has signed a three-year MoU with the Housing and Urban Development Dept. (HUDD), Govt. of Odisha