CSE webinar An Environmental Agenda for the Future

How shall we live after lockdown ends? Will we go back to the business-as-usual? Smog-encased cities where breathing becomes an ordeal. Choked roads where mobility is nothing but a word. Sludge-filled rivers and lakes… Or can we look forward to a more sustainable, cleaner, greener existence?

On World Environment Day, two of India’s foremost environmental thinkers lay down a blueprint for a world where we may continue to see smog-less, clear skies and clean water and air.

Join us on this World Environment Day

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Webinar Recording
Press Release
Date: June 5, 2020
CSE presents charter of environmental demands on World Environment Day
Agenda for New Normal
By: Sunita Narain
Blue skies and clear lungs post-lockdow
By: Anumita Roychowdhury
Director General, CSE,
New Delhi
Executive Director Research and Advocacy and Head of Air Pollution, Mobility and Sustainable Urbanisation programmes, (CSE), New Delhi, India