Online Network Conversation TOWARDS CLEAN AIR IN AFRICA

As the Global South battles the impacts of air pollution, there is considerable interest in understanding how countries in Africa are preparing to take on this challenge, as well as what they can learn from each other and from other nations in the Global South. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a New Delhi (India)-based think tank, is organising an Online Network Conversation to understand what Africa is doing to tackle the challenge of toxic air pollution

This is a part of CSE’s initiative towards carrying forward multi-stakeholder discussions on finding solutions to air pollution that are of common interest to the nations of Africa. CSE has set up a Pan-Africa Network on Clean Air Solutions that brings together key regulators from different countries of Africa to foster knowledge-sharing, cross-learning and South-South experiencesharing on emerging good practices in the Africa region.

This Conversation is expected to help understand the challenges this region is facing, especially the implications of the pandemic and economic slowdown for air quality improvement, as well as the progress on ongoing initiatives and the ones undertaken in the post-pandemic times to bring in change as part of the new normal agenda. Already, many parts of Africa are on their way to adopting new policies and strategies for air quality management, emission standards roadmap, fuel quality improvement, restraining old vehicle import, improving public transport, walking and cycling, car-free zones and pedestrianisation.

pedestrianisation. The focus of the Conversation will also be on strategies related to clean vehicle technology and fuel quality roadmap, vehicle import policy to reduce second-hand vehicle imports, mobility transformation and electric mobility. This experience-sharing interaction will further build on this to inform progress and action.

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South-south dialogue on clean air action in Africa: Towards good practices
By: Anumita Roychowdhury and Priyanka Chandola, CSE
How Sri Lanka has leveraged its import policy to improve emission standards and fuel quality in terms of electric and hybrid vehicles
By: Don S. Jayaweera
Sri Lanka
Guiding Principles for Africa
Moving Towards Clean Air in Nairobi, Kenya
By: Martin Eshiwani
Nairobi Metropolitan Services
Ethiopia's Initative to Regulate Air Pollution
By: Tadesse Hailemariam
Anumita Roychowdhury
Executive Director Research and Advocacy,
Amos Mwangi
Programme Management Assistant,
United Nations Environment Programme
Jelani Aliyu
Director General
National Automotive Design and Development Council
Tadesse Hailemariam
Chief Executive Officer
Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise
Don Jayaweera
Co-Secretary to the Presidential
Task Force for Economic Revival and Poverty Eradication and former Secretary
Ministry of Transport
Sri Lanka
Michael P Walsh
international vehicle technology expert and Member Emeritus
The International Council on Clean Transportation
Martin Eshiwani
Director, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Kenya and at present with Nairobi Metropolitan Services