Work Overview

Continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) and continuous effluent quality monitoring system (CEQMS) are real-time air and water pollution monitoring systems respectively. Continuous ambient air quality monitoring system (CAAQMS) is used for monitoring ambient air quality on real- time basis.

A continuous monitoring system is comprised of sampling, conditioning, and analytical components and software designed to provide direct, real- time, continuous measurements of pollution by analyzing representative sample(s) of air and water to be monitored. It is an important tool for better compliance enforcement through credible pollution monitoring and reporting practices. 


Emissions Monitoring Using CEMS
Environmental Monitoring using SAAM & CEMS
Status of Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement in India



Conferences / Meetings

Meeting on Draft Guidelines for CEMS and strategy for implementation in India


Meeting with Environmental Regulators on Status and strategy for CEMS implementation to expedite compliance with the new monitoring requirements

Trainings Programmes

Video & Infographics

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