Advance Training Programme on Continuous Emission and Effluent Monitoring System

Dates- March 4-6 , 2021
Last Date to Apply- February 25, 2021
Course Venue- Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), Tijara (Rajasthan)

Centre for Science and Environment is organising a 3-days certificate course on “Advance Training Programme on Continuous Emission and Effluent Monitoring System”. Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) and Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring System (CEQMS) are mandatory for plants in 17 industrial sectors (classified under highly polluting industries) and for common pollution treatment facilities. In addition, grossly polluting industries (GPIs) need to install CEQMS.

The real time data will become the basis for regulators to check compliance, in near future. It can also help industrial sectors/regulators in process optimization and taking timely corrective measures. Since CEMS and CEQMS are complex and expensive technologies, there are significant challenges and risks associated with its implementation. The major challenges include correct technology selection, installation, operation & maintenance and data handling. Data interpretation plays an important role in identifying issues related to data integrity. Therefore, thorough knowledge and skills relevant to CEMS regime, becomes most crucial factor for industries, regulators and other stakeholders. This programme will also lay focus on audit methodology, which ensures correct implementation of CEMS, certification, verification, accreditation of the system, technical acceptance through calibration, quality assurance, generating accurate, reliable and traceable data. 

Course Highlights-

  • Pollution monitoring regulations in India and developed countries like US and Europe.
  • PM, Gaseous CEMS and CEQMS Technology selection and correct installation.
  • Operation and Maintenance of PM, Gaseous CEMS and CEQMS.
  • Requirement and procedures of calibration for PM, Gaseous CEMS and CEQMS.
  • Data acquisition, handling and reporting.
  • Data interpretation, compliance check and improvement.
  • How to conduct CEMS and CEQMS Audit.
  • Audit Methodology and development of audit questionnaire.

Course Fee
The course is not chargeable. CSE will bear the following expenses of shortlisted candidates: transportation of the participants (from CSE, New Delhi to Neemli and back), boarding and lodging (for 4 nights, from 3rd March to 6 March, 2021), training cost and use of recreational facilities at AAETI. Considering the current COVID situation, every participant will get one well sanitized room with trained staff who follow safe practices. The AAETI campus have a safe and Hygienic environment with proper social distancing, guest and staff temperature check. 

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be informed

Who should attend?
Environment professionals from industries, consultants, environmental laboratories, regulators, academia and others interested participants. 50% seats are booked for participants from Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

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For any other query, please contact:

Shreya Verma, Training Coordinator
Industrial Pollution Team
Contact: 8882084294



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Course Venue
Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute (AAETI), Tijara (Rajasthan)
Course Dates
March 4 - 6 , 2021
Last Date to Apply
February 25, 2021
Previous Training Feedback
Really enjoyed the Covey Learning structure, an excellent way to bring the team together. Thank you for the Design Very insightful and interactive training programme. Presentations were interesting, good slides and videos that kept us all engaged.
- Mohammad A. Motalib, MOEF, Bangladesh,”
During this corona pandemic, this course is rightly designed to meet the objective. Similar courses may be planned in future.
- R Veerendra Kumar, Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
This online training is very useful and need full for me.
- P. Bhagyalakshmi, Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
It was a nice course and given me a lot of insights related to CEMS and CEQMS
- Bhartandra Chandra Gaur, Yara Fertilisers India Private Limited
Excellent training Session and a good platform to interact with the experts.
- Subrat Kumar Mallick, wonder cement limited-
An important course to understand how the CEMS works scientifically and its limitations. I feel great to participate in the training because it broadens my understanding of Industrial Emission monitoring.
- Dr Karthikeyan Kathiresan, Wasmanpro Envirronmental solutions LLP