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The CSE Media Resource Centre conducted the Anil Agarwal Dialogue. the annual conclave of journalists writing and reporting on environment and development from February 28 to March 1st, 2024.

Down To Earth’s annual publication State of India’s Environment was released at the occasion.The report is a comprehensive update on climatic events and developments that take place in the country throughout the year. It brings together our entire extensive reportage and research on biodiversity, extreme weather events, agriculture, water, renewable energy, habitation and related subjects as well as their intersections with society and economy.

The 11th edition of the book was released at the Anil Agarwal Dialogue on February 28, 2024 at Nimli, Rajasthan by an esteemed panel of speakers. Economist Nitin Desai, Former UN Under-Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs , TN Ninan, Former Editor and Chairperson, Business Standard joined Sunita Narain and Richard Mahapatra in introducing the publication.

Addressing the multiple crises plaguing our times, Sunita Narain urged the attendees to understand the interconnections between war, conflict and environmental crisis. Touching upon a multitude of environmental, global-economic and socio-political concerns, she stressed the need to reinvent the discourse of growth and development, rethinking environmental management and strengthening the institutions of environmental regulation.

Nitin Desai ,Economist and Former UN Under-Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs addressed the significance of SOE, not just as a document on India's environment but as a study on climate change and biodiversity. He pointed out the need to look at the environment globally rather than country-wise. Acknowledging the shift from scepticism about climate change to climate change awareness, Desai went on to point out the lack of success in containing the rising risks related to climate change, and integrating development planning and environmental management. TN Ninan, Former Editor and Chairperson, Business Standard spoke about the relationship between environmental research and mainstream media, stressing on the need for reporting to move beyond the obvious, and not allow raised concerns to die down.

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DAY 1: Feb 28, 2024 | SESSION 1 SESSION 2
The state of India’s environment: Challenges and opportunities
By: Sunita Narain
Director General
Overview: What happened in 2023 and what can we expect in 2024
By: Akshit Sangomla
Correspondent, DTE
Why cities flood: The case of Chennai
By: Janakarajan Srinivasan
Former Professor and Director, Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS), Chennai; President, SaciWATERs
Climate-induced migration: What’s new
By: Richard Mahapatra
Managing Editor, DTE
On heat waves: Their prediction and current trends
By: Dr K J Ramesh
Former Director General India Meteorological Department
Demystifying GLOFs
By: Miriam Jackson
Programme Coordinator
Cryosphere, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Nepal
  Mapping heat and adaptation strategies in Indian cities
By: Rajneesh Sareen,
Programme Director,
Sustainable Habitat, CSE
DAY 2: Feb 29, 2024 | SESSION 4
From city to the region: Towards regional airshedbased air quality management for clean air — the case of Indo-Gangetic Plains
By: Anumita Roychowdhury
Executive Director, CSE
From crisis of mobility to electric mobility
By: Anumita Roychowdhury
Executive Director, CSE
The Indo-Gangetic Plains: Its airshed, health risks and pollution hotspots
By: Mukesh Sharma
PhD, FNAE Professor
Overview: The challenge of circular economy in India
By: Atin Biswas
Programme Director, Sustainable Waste Management, CSE
New challenges: Plastics that we wear
By: Ina Bahuguna
Programme Manager, Recycling, Livelihoods and Green Jobs, Hasiru Dala, Bengaluru
Demystifying microplastics
By: Dr Pravakar Mishra
Scientist G, National Centre for Coastal Research, Chennai
Agriculture emissions and mitigation options
By: Amit Khurana
Programme Director, Sustainable Food Systems, CSE
Fodder and climate change
By: Dr D R Malaviya
Role of Indian dairy cooperatives in combating climate change
By: Niranjan Karade
Team Leader, Innovation and Project Management, (NDDB)
Food and nutrition in a climate-risked world
By: Shweta Khandelwal Senior Advisor-Nutrition, JHPIEGO-India
DAY 3: March 01, 2024 | SESSION 7
What’s the world doing for biodiversity?
By: Vibha Varshney
Consulting Editor, Down To Earth
The race to extinction
By: Richard Mahapatra
Managing Editor, Down To Earth
The rewilding saga
By: Ravi Chellam
Wildlife Biologist and Conservation Scientist, Bengaluru
The rewilding saga
By: Ravi Chellam
Wildlife Biologist and Conservation Scientist, Bengaluru
Emerging menace: The rise of invasive species
By: Ankila Hiremath
Independent Researcher and Plant Ecologist, ATREE, Bengaluru
The FCA amendment
By: Debadityo Sinha
Senior Resident Fellow and Lead-Climate and Ecosystems, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, New Delhi