About SWW

CSE’s four decades of extensive research work in the water, sanitation and allied sectors and continuous interactions with local and global professionals has helped identify a substantial gap in knowledge and skill building across the country at various levels of operation. Capacity building is essential to facilitate an integrated approach to urban water and sanitation management. Thus, the School of Water and Waste was set up as part of the Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute. At our state-of-art campus in Neemli, the School offers an interdisciplinary, double loop and cross-country learning tailored to the ground reality of the major problems of the Water Supply and Sanitation sector in the urban landscape.

The SWW envisions to create a water wise and waste prudent society. It is an emerging research and knowledge dissemination hub in India and the global South working towards creating a cadre of water and sanitation professionals. This community of practice will take CSE’s efforts forward by developing implementable solutions.
Thematic Areas

Urban Water Management and Advocacy
Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning
Urban Wetland Management
Faecal Sludge and Septage Management
Sanitation Safety Planning

Alumni Stories
Core Faculty
Sunita Narain
Director General
Centre for Science and Environment
Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director
Centre for Science and Environment
Dr. Mahreen Matto
Programme Manager
Centre for Science and Environment
Shivali Jainer
Programme Manager
Centre for Science and Environment
Bhitush Luthra
Programme Manager
Centre for Science and Environment
Rahul Mankotia
Programme Manager
Centre for Science and Environment
Dr. Sumita Singhal
Deputy Programme Manager
Centre for Science and Environment
Visiting Faculty
Urban Water Management
Sanitation and Faecal Sludge Management
Dr. Chad Staddon
International Water Security Network,
University of West England
Jamie Ewert
National Engagement Manager,
CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
David Robbins
Independent Consultant,
Dorai Narayana
Independent Consultant,
SK Sharma
Former Member,
Central Ground Water Board
Dr. Veena Srinivasan
Fellow, Convenor
CED, Programme Leader
- Water, Land and Society, ATREE
Kate Medlicott
Sanitation Team Leader
World Health Organization (WHO)
Dr. Manoj Roy
Lecturer in Sustainability
Lancaster University
Dr. Somnath Sen
Associate Professor,
Architecture & Regional Planning
IIT Kharagpur
  Dr Kartik Chandran
Professor of Environmental Engineering,
University of Columbia
Dr Sophie Boisson
Sanitation Technical Officer,
Lake Management
Geographical Informational Systems
Brij Gopal
National Institute of Ecology
India, Jaipur
Dr Nevil Quinn
Associate Professor,
Applied Hydrology
University of the West of England
Shubham Mishra
GIS Consultant
Manu Bhatnagar
Principal Director,
Dr Ritesh Kumar
Conservation Programme Manager
Wetland International,
South Asia

Contact the SSW

Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE & Academic Director, School of Water and Waste, CSE - AAETI
41, Tuglakabad Institutional Area,
New Delhi 110062 INDIA
Tel. 91 11 40616000 Ext. 286
For any queries please write to us at sww-aaeti@cseindia.org

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