Webinar 2: Various Applications of SFD

Date : September 28, 2018

Webinar series on Shit Flow Diagrams conducted by School of Water and Waste (AAETI) and SFD Promotion Initiative.

SFDs are creating a rumble all across the world. International and grass root organisations have used SFDs extensively for agendas such as advocacy, sanitation planning, financialplanning & monitoring. The aim of the webinar widen the horizon of the applicability of SFDs. The dissemination of experiences will encourage different organisations and practitionersto use these learnings and bring about an impact on ground.

In the webinar we had speakers from Columbia University, US; Water Research Commission- Emanti consulting, South Africa; University of Lancaster, UK and Water Aid , Bangladesh.

The speakers presented examples from South Africa, Tanzania, Bangladesh and India. The presentations were very well received as observed in the engaging question and answers sessions. A total of 45 people attended the webinar


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Webinar Recording
Meet the Speakers
Dr Suresh Rohilla
Senior Director & Academic Director (School of Water and Waste AAETI)
Dr. Abdullah Al-Muyeed
Head of Policy and Advocacy in WaterAid Bangladesh
Dr. Manoj Roy
Lecturer of Sustainability, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, UK
Unathi Jack
Water and Environmental Engineering Services, Emanti Management, South Africa
Zachary Burt, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Columbia University, USA
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Webinar series on Shit Flow diagram
Webinar 1: Various Applications of SFD