Webinar 1: Different Variations of SFD

School of Water and Waste conducted part -1 of the webinar series on Shit Flow Diagram on 14th September 2018. A total of 104 participants registered and we observed a 55% attendance. The webinar was on 'Variations of SFDs' we had speakers from ASCI, CEPT and CSE.

The first presentation was by Mr. Bhitush Luthra representing the SFD Promotion Initiative methodology: He emphasized on the how PI methodology focuses on percentage of populations in place of actual quantity of FS generated. He explained the tool in his session where he explained how the tool provides options to bring in the geographic factors which affect the SFD such as ground water level, type of soil, distance of one system to the other.

The second presentation was by Ms. Anuradha Adhikari and Ms. Jyothsna representing the menthodology of Adminsitrative Staff College of India (ASCI). The team explained the questionnaire which uses questions such as : Number of households dependent on functional community toilet, Number of functional community, Number of functional public toilets. These questions are further extrapolated after a baseline survey. The data is then fed into a tool, which is currently not public. The tool depicts a gird divided into 10 parts which represent 100%. Assumptions such as - "Outflow from septic tank is measured and found to be of reasonably good standard. Thus, all septic tanks are safe containment systems and  Emptying and transportation without using proper personal protective gear is unsafe. Hence is shown as red in the SFD"- are taken to decide the containments and the SFD is prepared.

The third presentation was by Ms. Upasana Yadav representing PAS team of CEPT university. The tool is termed as "waterwater flow diagram" prepared in 2012, the tool helps in assessing the service level benchmarks of the cities. currently CEPT has used the tool to analyse data of 750+ cities. CEPT depends on similar data as ASCI, however it also takes into account the grey water from bathrooms. 

 Towards the end participants engaged actively in question and answer session."



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