Internship at CSE

CSE accepts students from universities, schools and colleges all over the world, based on the applications received through post or email. CSE at times also announce special internship programmes, as internships are need based, time based and duration specific. Hence, we have to cater to the individual need of the candidate or the institution concerned. 

How to apply:
Since internships are time bound, it is advised that the candidates also send in their resume and application to us through an email to so that it can be addressed on an urgent basis.

The application must mention the start and end date of internship, the reason for applying to CSE and the area of work in which they wish to do their internship.

Confirmation of internship placement:
The application is matched with the available assignment and if the candidate is found suitable, is intimated through an email. If the candidate too finds the assignment suitable, he/she is requested to send a letter of acceptance from the institution. We then send a letter of confirmation to the candidate/institution.  

Types of assignments:
Assignments could be of two types – research based and non research based.

We do not do primary research at CSE. Our research is based on information available in the public domain. Our focus is primarily on policy advocacy on environmental issues. We work on areas of urban planning and air pollution, industrial pollution, water pollution, climate change, environmental education for school children and environmental reportage through our magazine “Down to Earth”.  Candidates can choose to work in any of these areas, and we try to place as much as possible to the area of interest of the student, depending on available of assignment and suitability of the candidate.

We also take interns for our non-research areas, such as marketing, website, library and human resources.

Hands on experience:
Candidates are assigned work related to the ongoing project, so that they feel part of the team and get hands on experience. The candidate is given individual responsibility of the task assigned. Supervisor guides the candidates but one must not expect internship as a training programme in CSE.

Post confirmation:
Internship placement coordinator at CSE, closely interacts with the candidate, to set up the itineraries of work, travel and stay in New Delhi. CSE arranges for air port pickup for foreign candidates and also helps to arrange for accommodation as per requirement. All expenses of travel, food and lodging are borne by the candidate.

While at CSE:
Candidates are given an orientation about CSE and the administrative procedures to familiarise themselves with the organisation, people and culture. Candidates can access all facilities for research available at CSE, including a personal computer. However, they are advised to get their own laptop, as we may not be able to provide state of the art computers to all candidates.

Dissertation and Certification:
Interns are expected to submit a copy their dissertation report to the supervisor at the end and also make a presentation if possible. CSE awards a certificate at the end of the term. Supervisor fills up any evaluation form if provided by the institution.

For further queries, one can contact : Priyanka Dutta at