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The mission of the Pollution Monitoring Laboratory (PML) is to catalyze communities and NGOs to fight polluters across the country by supporting them with scientific proof and documentation of pollution and its health impacts.

It is an independent analytical, research and development laboratory that determines pesticide residues, conducts water quality analysis and ambient air monitoring.



video Can sugar syrups be adulterated in honey that can go undetected under Indian testing protocols?

CSE investigated this and found that manufacturers in China are openly selling High Fructose syrups which they claim can pass the C3 and C4 tests, tests that are mandated by India's FSSAI.

video Food safety: Dangerously high levels of salt and fat in Indian junk food

A study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found dangerously high levels of salt and fat in Indian junk food. 

video How we tested the GM ingredients in packaged foods

Rajarshi Banerjee, laboratory head Centre for Science and Environment details the method GMOs in packaged foods.


Food and Toxins

Working on AMR in Zambia

Given the complete curb on international travel and the attention of partner agencies in Zambia on the Covid-19 situation

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