Online Training on Tools and Approaches for Water and Sanitation Management

Dates: June 5 - 14, 2021

The School of Water & Waste, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organized an state of the art tailor-made online training on “Tools and Approaches for Water and Sanitation Management” from 5th-14th June, 2021. This training was attended by total of 35 participants including 21 participants from Jamia Millia Islamia University (16 students pursuing M.Arch in Urban Regeneration and 5 distinguished faculty members), 11 interns and few internal staff at CSE.

The training aimed of creating change-agents in the water and sanitation sector, who has in-depth understanding of key tools and approaches for citywide water and sanitation management. The training has been divided into two modules and the methodology followed was online cum virtual which included a total of 16 study hours (10 hrs Moodle + 6 hrs Zoom). All the interactive virtual sessions have been supported by reading/reference materials uploaded on the Moodle Platform which helped participants to have an in-depth understanding of the respective topic.

The first module was designed for developing the basic understanding of the tools and approaches and its application in citywide planning while the another module focused on few specific tools and approaches which are widely used in water and sanitation domain such as Shit Flow Diagram, SaniPath, FSM Toolbox, SaniKit, MOUNT, CSP, WSP, SSP, Water Audit and Water Balance, Decentralized Wastewater Management etc.

Additionally, in the first module participants were given exposure to various government managed web portals and monitoring indices which gave participants a better understanding about the various informative - monitoring platforms as well as control indicators for various segments of the water and sanitation management.

The four virtual sessions were planned to develop an in-depth understanding of few of the important tools through interaction and exercises. The sessions were conducted by in-house experts as well as invited guest experts.

Mr. P Z Thomas a guest expert having vast experience in the environmental sector explained about the concept of water audit and water balance to the participants at various scales through computations and case studies. Other virtual sessions were conducted by CSEs in-house experts on topics related to Shit Flow Diagram (SFD), Decentralized Wastewater Management and Planning/Designing of DWWTs.

The final day had two brainstorming exercises related to planning of decentralized wastewater treatment systems and water audit & water balance. At the end of the training, participants have been given an opportunity of presenting their group exercises and learnings from the respective sessions.

The training had been concluded with a closing speech and feedback session moderated by CSEs Senior Director Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla and Dr Hina Zia from JMI University. Participants seemed to be happy about the course material and interactive sessions and also shared their individual key learnings and take away.




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“The training program helped towards a greater understanding of the city sanitation system. The approach to design at all scales was a major take away from the program. The introduction to tools such as SFD and DWWTs in context to planned and unplanned areas, city and neighbourhood scales, on-site and off-site systems is going to greatly benefit the approach to sanitation planning in the future in the live projects that we would work on and also the learnings will be incorporated in the pedagogy at the university”.

Dr Hina Zia
Jamia Milia Islamia, University
Thank you so much CSE for such a wonderful course, the modules were amazing and nicely designed. We have learned a lot in terms of water management and citywide sanitation and come up with some news things like SFDs and decentralized wastewater management which we think we could incorporate in our upcoming studio. Now after this course, we are confident enough to use our learning on ground and prepare a city sanitation plan for a city

Mr Iqtedar Alam
Jamia Milia Islamia, University
I am very happy to be a part of this course, I have learned a lot from the course material provided during the course. The exercises were good culmination of the learnings we got throughout the course. Interaction with each other gave me a realistic experience and exposure to the different aspects of the water and sanitation management.

Ms. Simar Kindra
Intern at CSE
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