Webinar 10: Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID-19

The event is now completed


About the Workshop

COVID19 has reinstated the need for global action to ensure access of clean water and sanitation to all, as a human right and as a critical element to protect human health. Key global sector players have developed guidelines (Guidelines on Sanitation & Health by World Health Organisation that summarize the evidence on the effectiveness of a range of sanitation interventions and provide a comprehensive framework for health-protecting sanitation) and tools (SANIPATH - a tool developed by Emory University to assess public health risks from unsafe fecal sludge management in poor urban neighbourhoods by Emory University and Shit Flow Diagrams (SFD) - a tool developed by Centre for Science and Environment in partnership with global partners to readily understand and communicate how excreta physically flows through a city or town and population - a representation of public health hazard). The webinar will bring together learnings from field tests of these guidelines and tools from developing countries aimed at highlighting risks and opportunities to develop sanitation priorities during and post COVID 19.  

The webinar is jointly organised by the School of Water and Waste - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and WaterAid South Asia in partnership with WHO and Emory University on 7th July 2020 on Safe Water, Sanitation and Health for all during and post COVID 19.   

Target Participants:  CSE Training Alumni, Urban Local Bodies, Public Health Departments, NGOs, Academics, Researchers, Regulators and Managers of Water Supply and Sewerage Boards / Utilities from India and the Global 



Agenda for Webinar
Webinar recording
Presentations and Proceedings
Proceedings of the Webinar
By: Dr Mahreen Matto
CSE, India
WASH and Health in times of COVID
By: Dr Kate Medicott, WHO, Geneva
Shit Flow Diagram – Assessment of Excreta Management for better Sanitation Planning and Monitoring Progress
By: Bhitush Luthra, CSE, India and Dr Abdullah Al-Muyeed, WaterAid Bangladesh
SaniPath exposure Assessment of Faecal Contamination in Urban Residential Environments
By: Dr Christine L. Moe, Emory University, USA
Sewage Treatment Options
By: Vijai K Chaurasia, Joint Advisor, CPHEEO, MoHUA, Govt. of India
Dr Suresh Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE  
Kate Medlicott
Sanitation Team Leader WHO
Christine Moe
Profesor, Emory University
Bhitush Luthra
Programme Manager, CSE
Abdullah Al-Muyeed
Head of Policy and Advocacy, WaterAid Bangladesh
Khairul Islam
WaterAid - Regional Director South Asia
Vijay Chaurasia
Joint Advisor , CPHEEO, MoHUA, Govt. of India
Webinar Coordinator
Dr Mahreen Matto
Programme Manager, CSE
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