International Knowledge Conclave cum Workshop on Green Infrastructure

Date: November 19-20, 2020
Venue: AAETI, Nimli, Rajasthan

Participation by invitation only.
Cities today are facing multiple challenges, emerging from an ever increasing demand for services, crumbling infrastructure and climate change. Access to safe water and sanitation to all is one of the key challenges. In this context, CSE has highlighted the need to mainstreaming blue – green spaces i.e concept and strategies of Green Infrastructure (GI) with Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning (WSUDP). 

India’s first Practitioner’s Guide(s) on Green Infrastructure and Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning were published by CSE in 2017 as Centre of Excellence assisting the Central Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. The guides aim at mainstreaming reforms and capacity building of state / municipal functionaries and others involved in the advocacy for sustainable urban water management in India cities.

The School of Water and Waste (SW&W) is a capacity building initiative of CSE that aims to establish policy principles, innovative technologies, and implementation strategies for city wide water and sanitation management, which will lay the foundations for a water and waste-prudent society.

SW&W - CSE in partnership with University of West England, Bristol, UK Bristol an initiative supported Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) and International Water Security Network (IWSN) initiative supported by Lloyd Registry organised a knowledge conclave on ‘Nature Based Solutions for Urban Water Security’ in Nov. 27-30, 2018). The conclave concluded highlighting the need for building a community of practice and setting a Global Centre on Green Infrastructure at AAETI to bring together academics, practitioners, researchers and NGOs – a forum for experience sharing, peer to peer learning, exploring areas of collaborative research, development of teaching – learning material with case studies targeted to develop and offer professional development courses (including online courses and web based compendium with case studies of successfully implemented Green Infrastructure

This second knowledge conclave is one of the series of activities under the 3 year partnership (2019-22) between CSE - University of West England (UWE) Bristol - an initiative supported Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) and International Water Security Network (IWSN) supported by Lloyd Registry. This partnership aims to building a community of practice on GI and building a global south centre for Green Infrastructure at AAETI advocacy and research.

CSE research shows that various global institutions have developed tools and approaches in this direction to help cities and towns, and their regions, to be sustainable, resilient, productive, and liveable and water sensitive.

About the Conclave

From an integrated multidisciplinary perspective this conclave seeks to articulate research tools and dissemination activities to understand how the 'Green Infrastructure' and ‘Blue-Green spaces’ in towns and cities can affect health and wellbeing as well as help in making water sensitive and resilient urban settlements.


  • Bring together academician, researchers and practitioners involved in mainstreaming blue – green spaces and infrastructure for making water sensitive cities in the global south.
  • Learn about various tools used in designing, implementing, monitoring green infrastructure - for rollout and testing tools in different contexts
  • Experience sharing from implemented case studies of GI in terms of the issues and challenges
  • Understanding how water-based environments in towns and cities can affect health and wellbeing.
  • Develop state of teaching – learning material, trainings (including online course)
  • Networking with key players and peer to peer learning

For further details, please contact:

CSE   University of West England - Bristol
Dr. Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE,
Academic Director, 
School of Water & Waste, AAETI
  Professor Chad Staddon
Associate Head of Department
Dept. of Geography & Environmental Management, UWE
Director, International Water Security Network
Shivali Jainer
Programme Manager
Water Programme
+91-11-40616000 (Ext: 244)


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