COVID Awareness Campaign phase -1

Date: May 26th to 30th
Venue: Bijnor, Chunar and Lucknow

As the Lockdown is relaxed, the communities would try to adapt to the new normal and come out of their locked houses. As the virus is still out there everyone would have to take precautions to make sure that they stay away from any infection. At the same time the corona warriors who are at risk need to make sure that they wear proper protective gear to make sure they are not affected.

CSE has been supporting UP state from last 5 years and have Technical Support Unit in Bijnor and Chunar and a Programme Support Unit in Lucknow. These units are providing support to authorities in implementing best management practices in Sanitation. Since lockdown started, CSE has also been providing support to authorities in combating COVID by ensuring right messaging is done through various collaterals, the faecal sludge management services carry on without any hindrance and have also provided Personal Protective Equipment to sanitary workers in Bijnor. These efforts have been done in a piece meal manner till date. Hence, we would like to organize/kickstart a COVID awareness campaign in Bijnor, Chunar and Lucknow to start with.


Target Audience

The campaign intends to spread awareness around COVID in two tiers –

1) Sensitization and training of Sanitary workforce>

  • Door to door waste collectors including the ones taking care of waste from hotspots and quarantined facilities
  • Street sweepers
  • Desludging operators
  • Operators of solid waste, faecal sludge and wastewater treatment works

2) Awareness and behaviour change of general public

  • Vulnerable groups – small children, elderly, people staying in low income settlement
  • General public as they come out of lockdown

Key Messages

  • Importance of using Personal Protective Equipment to ensure safety of sanitary workers from COVID
  • Etiquettes to be followed by general public once, they step out of their house
  • Awareness around discarding the waste (like used masks, etc) and waste from hotspot areas
  • Precautions to be taken by the vulnerable group (like small children, elderly, people staying in highly dense areas)
  • Etiquettes to be followed in possible crowded areas like sabzi mandi, community toilet, public stand post

Activities planned in phase -1

  • Sensitization workshop for City Sanitation Taskforce members around COVID
  • State level training of trainers (Sanitary Inspectors and Supervisors)
  • Painting Competition of Children
  • Slogan Writing Competition open to all
  • Awareness drive in densely populated areas including commonly visited areas like sabzi mandi, community toilets, public stand posts
  • Audio messaging using mobile vans
  • One day one message campaign on social media

Campaign Coordinators

Bhitush Luthra
Programme Manager
Technical Support Units (Bijnor and Chunar)
Water Programme, CSE
Mobile No: 9910340470
Email id:


Rahul Mankotia
Programme Manager
Programme Support Unit- DoUD (GoUP) Lucknow
Water Programme, CSE
Mobile No: 98680 18045
Email id:


Campaign Director

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE
Academic Director, School of Water & Waste, AAETI