Residential Training: Managing Water and Wastewater in Rural Regions of India

Dates: January 31 - February 3, 2023
Last date to apply: January 16, 2023
Venue: Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute, Nimli, Rajasthan
Early bird discount applicable till: January 05, 2023

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) invites applications for its five-day residential training programme on some key facets of water and wastewater management in rural areas, with a focus on India. The programme will cover Rainwater Harvesting, Groundwater Recharge, Water Conservation Practices and Greywater Management. It will be conducted in CSE’s state-of-the-art residential training facility in Nimli, near Alwar, in Rajasthan. 

CSE, one of the Global South's leading think tanks on environment and development, has a legacy of over 30 years of work in water and sanitation management in South Asia and Africa. The training programme will leverage CSE’s expertise, experience and content to help participants understand concepts of water conservation and scientific approachesfor planning rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge systems which would augment water sources in rural areas. 

What does the programme offer you?

  • The context, concepts and key issues – water conservation, rainwater harvesting, groundwater and greywater management etc
  • Water budgeting at household and village levels
  • Preparing a decision matrix to decide on type, design and cost of groundwater recharge and rainwater harvesting structures
  • Planning, designing and implementation of rooftop rainwater harvesting systems; post-implementation maintenance and monitoring
  • Understanding the impacts of groundwater recharge and the process of monitoring groundwater and surface water recharge systems
  • Role of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in planning watershed management; watershed designing using GIS tools; advanced features of RS and GIS to map and manage groundwater resources
  • Difference between greywater and blackwater; understanding pollutant levels and impact of untreated greywater; technologies available for greywater treatment; sensitising communities about the consequences of using untreated greywater
  • Background, feasibility, site identification,design specifications, operational details, implementation requirements and financial details of individual and community leach pits/magic pits/kitchen gardens
  • Conveyance mechanisms for greywater from source to the treatment solution
  • Technical description and designing of village-level greywater treatment systems; detailing specifications of waste stabilisation ponds, DWWTS, soil biotechnologyetc
  • Field visits 


Faraz Ahmad
Course Coordinator
Rural Water and Waste Management, CSE,
Mob No- 8860933075/9911339540



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Early bird discount applicable till: January 05, 2023
Course fees
  • Course fee: Rs 25,600 per person*
  • 10% early bird discount on course fee
  • 25% discount on course fee for industry professionals,
  • professors/teachers and consultants
  • 50% discount on course fee for PhDresearchers, students and
    participants from NGOs
CSE will award participants a Certificate of Completion after the conclusion of the training programme.
*Covers travel by road from Delhi to Nimli and back, boarding and lodging at Nimli and all training content material
Anil Agarwal Environment Training Institute
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