Planning cum Consultation Workshop for CSE - NMCG initiative on 'Making Water Sensitive Cities in Ganga Basin'

This event is now completed

Venue: Online Workshop 

CSE is starting a new programme on 'Making Water Sensitive Cities in Ganga Basin aimed at Improving River Health' (duration - 3 year), under the capacity building initiative of the NMCG. The programme is supported by and to be delivered in partnership with National Mission for Clean Ganga. A selected number of identified sector experts and researchers have been invited to this meeting. 

This Planning cum Consultation Workshop is an effort to bring cross -sectoral experts and learn about the ongoing research, as well as identify key experts from this cohort or other experts working on the important focus areas of the programme who can be contacted to be part of this initiative aimed at developing a state of art programme. 

The discussion in the workshop will be focussed on following themes –

Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning (WSUDP) including rainwater water harvesting, water efficiency and conservation in urban areas as well as decentralised wastewater treatment and local reuse.

Groundwater and Lake Management in Urban Areas

The basic objective of this workshop is to share the Activity Plan for 1 year and beyond. The aim is to explore partnerships with organisations or independent experts interested to be involved in this program. This includes development and delivery of the state of art teaching learning material for proposed training programmes and identification target cities for action research that will help develop the ‘Practitioner’s Guides’ and ‘Model Projects’ as key enablers for mainstreaming WSUDP into policy and practices.


Workshop Coordinator

Dr Amrita Anand
Urban Water Programme

Workshop Director

Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE,
Academic Director, School of Water & Waste, AAETI



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Invited Experts
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Proceeding of the workshop
Dr Suresh Kumar Rohilla
Senior Director,
Water & Waste Programme,
Quotes from Experts
Prof. Somnath Sen

“We have been looking for a very long time on engineering paradigm but now we need to move towards ecological paradigm. That one shift we need to bring in through research and training.”
Dr. S.K. Sharma

“There are many conventional techniques for groundwater recharge but we should now give more emphasis on MAR (Managed Aquifer Recharge), Lake bank and riverbank infiltration are two other techniques on which we have to give more emphasis”.
Prof. Shashank Shekhar

“Time has come that we have to look for soil aquifer treatment to manage the aquifer recharge”.
Mr. K. J. Anandh Kumar

“For better management of water, we should take the government and people along”.
Dr. Venkatesh Dutta

“It’s like my dream project, every building block of the master plan, capacity building, system science has been combined in this project”.
Mr. Mohit Ray

“We have plans for lake and big water bodies but now we also need to plan for the management of ponds and small lakes”.
Ms. Meenakshi Dhote

“One thing that is very important to identify is the area of implementation of the projects”.
Mr. Ritesh Kumar

“The challenge is now a shift from site-centric wetland management to landscape-centric management.”