Online Course: Water Woes-Reality of Urban Water Management

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Commitment: 4-5 hours a week

Course Details:
Starting: June 03, 2019
Ending:  July 07, 2019
Total Study Load: 28 hours
Last date to apply - May 30, 2019

Cities in India and the global south are spiralling. Our climate is changing, making cities more prone to extreme rain events and floods while water scarcity and pollution continue to grow. Ground water, lakes and rivers in India are exhaustively overdrawn (a CSE study showing ground water sources 48% of urban water supply in India), yet no city in the country has adequate water supply. Fresh water sources are reducing due to rapid urban expansion. Cities encroach and pollute them as wastewater is disposed into water bodies untreated. Central Pollution Control Board indicates that 43,117 MLD(million litres per day) of untreated sewage flows into rivers across India (CPCB, 2015).Additionally, 351 river stretches across the country are polluted due to discharge of both municipal and industrial waste water over the years (CPCB, 2018).

The course will provide a holistic perspective on today’s waterscenario and emphasize the need to move towards a water secure future. It will help practitioners and decision makers with various other commitments to improve their subject-knowledgeonlinein their own time, using a highly supportive and interactive learning platform.

Tohelp students, working professionals and environmental enthusiasts learn state-of-art concepts and principles of improved urban water management at their own comfort and pace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify gaps in water provision, access and governance
  • Recognize the various external and internal stresses and shocks to water bodies in a city
  • Indicate the current problems with water infrastructure
  • Illustrate the increasing scope of a decentralised approach to water management
  • Demonstrate inequity in access and pricing of water in a city
  • Suggest scope for interventions based on different problem scenarios and contexts
  • Identify tools and approaches for urban water management

The course will consist of the following modules:
Module I: Water and Development – Understanding what works and what doesn’t
Module II:Making Water Everybody’s business
Module III: Learning from Nature - the Dying Wisdom
Module IV: Introduction to Tools and Approaches to operationalize interventions

The course comprises of self-study, technological learning tools such as presentations, videos featuring case studies from various countries, interviews with experts, inspirational talks, and other audio material. It will facilitate interactionamongst participants through online forums and discussions. Also, it will be interactive with several interesting assessment exercises and quizzes. Participants will also get a chance to interact and learn from experts at CSE through online interactions and a webinar.

Target Audience:

  • Working professionals and decision makers from government and non-government institutions
  • Accredited EIA consultants
  • PMU assisting Govt. in mainstreaming water and sanitation measures
  • Recent graduates and environment enthusiasts
  • Researchers and academics interested in curriculum development
  • Other sector professionals with a desire to update their knowledge on the water scenarios

Benefits upon completion:
This course is part of School of Water and Waste’s objective to create ‘Urban Water Leaders’. Top 10 participants who perform well on the course will be invited to AAETI, Nimli with a fully funded fellowship for one of our upcoming training programs. Participants who perform exceptionally well during these training programs will be awarded the title of ‘Urban Water Leaders’.

Additional benefits include:

  • Top 10%  will get a 50% refund of their course fee
  • One year free subscription to Down To Earth magazine after enrolment

Course fee
Indian participants: Rs 3500/-
Overseas participants: USD 100

Course Coordinators

Dr Mahreen Matto
Programme Manager
Water Programme
+91-11-40616000 (Ext: 257)

Ruhil Iyer
Research Associate
Water Programme

Course Director

Suresh Rohilla
Senior Director, CSE
Academic Director, School of Water & Waste, AAETI


Alumni Feedback
“I liked learning about innovative solutions from around the world. And the realization that we are so unaware of where water comes from and wastewater goes or how/who manages water was an eye opening experience.”

Gunjan Kohle, Student
Management Trainee
Quality Council of India, New Delhi

“The course contents were more interactive and useful, particularly presentations and respective videos, links along with the case studies and relevant articles are very useful. Ii really enjoyed the course”

Aruna Thigulla
Deputy General Manager, LASA

"Overall the programme was well structured and well documented. The quizzes were worked out well with lots of overlaps which enabled a reader to connect well."

Sheetal Pikle
Professor, VIVA School of Architecture

“The course structure and content are really wonderful. Various Case studies and reference documents enabled me to look beyond the conventional way of thinking about water conservation.”

Sreenivasan Lakshminarayan
Sr Principal Engineer, Oracle India